AfterShock Warns Readers That Their Comics Are Dangerous

In a public service announcement published by The Hollywood Reporter, AfterShock Comics warned readers of the dangers of reading their comic books in 2019. According to promotional materials from the publisher, reading AfterShock Comics could result in serious injury, including but not limited to "blowing readers' minds" when AfterShock comic books "cut across all genres." Additional symptoms of reading AfterShock Comics could include being "chilled" as well as experiencing discomfort when the comics take the reader "beyond your comfort zone." In addition, readers are cautioned to take care to protect their expectations, which remain in danger of being "shattered."

Said SVP of Sales and Marketing Steve Rotterdam:

Read Dangerously' emphasizes the caliber of our content. It's an open invitation to readers looking to break away from the more conventional choices available to them and can also be embraced by retailers in their efforts to reach out and connect to new audiences. And we're prepared to help them do that.

And Publisher Joe Pruett:

AfterShock was created to push new boundaries by giving the comic world's most creative writers and artists free reign to blow readers' minds. As a result, we've published some of the industry's edgiest and most compelling content since our launch in 2015 and inked deals over the past year to bring a few of our flagship titles to the big screen with major studio partners. With groundbreaking new titles set for debut this year, there has never been a better time than right now to discover all that AfterShock has to offer.

We'll continue to keep readers alerted of any new dangers posed by AfterShock Comics, as they're sure to make more dangerous announcements in the near future.

AfterShock Warns Readers That Their Comics Are Dangerous

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