Alan Moore, Max Brooks, Jonathan Hickman CGC 10.0s Up for Auction

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According to Comics Guaranty Company's Standard Grading Scale, CGC 10.0 Gem Mint is, "The highest grade assigned. The collectible must have no evidence of any manufacturing or handling defects."  In the scheme of things, the CGC 10.0 designation is rarely seen even on modern comics.  For example, the CGC Census for the 2018 DC Comics release for Action Comics #1000 shows that of 671 copies evaluated as of this writing, none have been graded CGC 10.0.  It's simply not something you see up for sale very often, for any comic of any age.  But Comic Connect's Event Auction #43 has 13 CGC 10.0 comics up for auction this week.

Event Auction #42 Session 2 ending August 25, 2020 features a Crossed+100 #1 Numbered Letter Edition CGC 10.0.  This is the beginning of the spectacular Crossed+100 mini-series by Alan Moore and Gabriel Andrade. Set 100 years in the future after the rise, Alan Moore examines how civilizations rebuild and how generations grow after a disaster.

Crossed+100 #1 Leather CGC 10.0
Crossed+100 #1 Leather CGC 10.0

Event Auction #42 Session 3 ending August 26, 2020 features a number of CGC 10.0 copies from the series Extinction Parade and God is Dead.

Extinction Parade is a vampires vs zombies epic from the Max Brooks, the creator of World War Z and The Zombie Survival Guide, with artist Raulo Caceres. As humans wage their losing fight versus the hoards of the subdead, a frightening realization sets in with the secretive Vampire race: their food is dying off. This is the story of Vampires decent into all-out war with the mindless hungry hordes of the zombie outbreak as humanity tries to survive them all. Three species in mortal conflict.

God is Dead is war of the gods with mankind caught in the middle, from Jonathan Hickman, Mike Costa, and Di Amorim. Mankind has argued over the existence of gods since the dawn of time. In modern eras it's been fashionable to mock religious believers with taunts of scientific testimony and fact. But when the gods of old begin to reappear on earth and claim the domain of man for their own, the world is thrown into a state of utter anarchy. Now Horus walks the streets of Egypt, Zeus has taken over the Sistine Chapel, and Odin is coordinating the dissection of the earth among the returned deities.

These 13 CGC 10.0 copies are up for sale at Comic Connect's Event Auction #43 Session 2 and Session 3 this week.

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