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Micronauts #1 CGC 9.8 On Auction Right Now On ComicConnect
and up for auction right now at ComicConnect is a CGC 9.8 copy of that first issue Sitting at $205 as of this writing, expect that number to shoot up pretty quick before this auction ends You can see the really, really nice copy of the book down below. Micronauts #1 CGC Credit ComicConnect Micronauts Has Some[...]
One Of The Joker's Creepiset Covers On Auction At Heritage Auctions
On auction at Heritage Auctions right now is a CGC 9.6 copy of this book from the famous Alfred Pennyworth Collection, as noted on the label Sitting at $1,550 as of this writing and ending at 4:00 PM Central Time, Saturday, April 3, 2021, with that pedigree, this one is sure to set a record[...]
TMNT #1 Second Print Double Cover On Auction At Heritage
At Heritage Auctions right now, the copy in question is a CGC 9.6, so it just missed the magic number What is interesting about this is that it is a double cover, meaning it was printed with the cover on it twice That makes this copy even rarer Currently sitting at $2,700, you can expect[...]
Amazing Fantasy #15 Signed By Stan Lee and Steve Ditko To Auction
With a CGC grade of 5.5, it is being auctioned by Heritage Auctions, as part of their Heritage Auctions, 2021 January 14 – 17 Comics & Comic Art Signature Auction – Dallas 7239 [52 793 794 791 1893 792 2088 4294944981]. It's currently bid up to $39,000 with one day to go. The signatures are on the[...]
Superman #1 CGC Copy Up For Auction Today At ComicConnect
Over at ComicConnect today, part of Event Auction #44, is a CGC 3.0 copy of the book, fresh to the comic market It is a gorgeous example, with a great, vibrant cover to it, not something you see on this book all the time Sitting at $287,000 right now with a few hours left, most[...]
Mystery Tales #52 On Auction At ComicConnect Today
There are quite a few great and key books taking bids, both raw and CGC, whichever you prefer If you are a Marvel key collector, this is the lot for you for sure. Ahh, Atlas Comics Mystery Tales have always eluded me in my collection; it seems whenever I come across them, I get priced[...]
Fantastic Four #25 Hulk Vs Thing On Auction At ComicConnect
Over at ComicConnect right now, they are taking bids on a 9.0 CGC graded copy of this Fantastic Four gem, part of Event Auction #44 Sitting at a cool $1,739 with just a few hours left, this is a spec book worth jumping on Check it out below. Fantastic Four #25 CGC Credit ComicConnect One Of The Best[...]
Doctor Strange Origin Issue Up For Auction At Comic Connect
Everything about this cover and the contents of the comic screams silver age goodness: on auction over at ComicConnect today is a CGC 9.6 copy of this book, part of Event Auction #44 This copy is sitting at $1,655, not too shabby for one in such excellent shape It only has a few hours left[...]
Restored Amazing Fantasy #15 CGC 9.8 Spider-Man Up For Auction
It only has a few hours left, so check it out below. Amazing Fantasy #15 Spider-Man Restored CGC Credit ComicConnect Spider-Man Fans Might Be Able To Swing This Here is the restoration guide for this book: "The extensive restoration work done on this comic has potentially made it look better than any original condition copy could possibly appear,[...]
First Appearance Of Martian Manhunter On Auction Today At Heritage
CGC graded 5.0, it has a few hours left to bid and is currently at an affordable $3,300 Even cooler, this copy is from the Alfred Pennyworth Collection Check out the copy down below. First Martian Manhunter CGC Credit Heritage Auction Martian Manhunter Should Be In Your Collection Detective Comics #225 (DC, 1955) CGC VG/FN 5.0 Off-white to[...]
Auctioning Three Copies Of Amazing Fantasy #15 At Once
All CGC slabbed, of course, one at 5.0, one at 5.5, and one at 6.0 grade Much how much difference does it make? Quite a lot Currently $26,000 worth and double the price between 5 and 6… Amazing Fantasy #15 (Marvel, 1962) CGC FN 6.0 Off-white to white pages. The issue that gave us the origin and[...]
TMNT #1 First Print At Heritage Auctions Today, How High Will It Go?
Check out the copy below. TMNT #1 CGC 7.0 Credit Heritage Auctions   TMNT #1 Is So Hot Right Now "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #1 (Mirage Studios, 1984) CGC FN/VF 7.0 Off-white to white pages Auction prices for the origin and first appearances of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles have been soaring for the past several years, with copies[...]
Strange Tales Annual #2 Stan Lee Featuring Spider-Man Up For Auction Today
Part of Dallas Lot #7236, this 9.0 CGC Signature Series book is currently sitting at $2425, which is pretty low for a Stan Lee signed rare book like this is such great shape Check out the book below; it is really pretty. Strange Tales Annual #2 CGC Stan Lee Credit Heritage Auctions Own Spider-Man's Fourth Appearance In[...]
CGC Grading Comic Books No. 01 with Primary Grader Matt Nelson grading a copy of Incredible Hulk #181.
And even when CGC has graded a comic for you, it's important to know what that means Nobody should pay $3,207,852.00 for a comic, or even $32.00, without having a sense of what the info on the CGC label means, and how it was determined. CGC Grading Comic Books No 01 with Primary Grader Matt Nelson. This[...]