Does Amazing Spider-Man #25 Confirm That Magneto Is Hydra? Or Has Nazi Hair? (SPOILERS)

There has been considerable concern expressed on-line regarding the supposition that Magneto, a genocidal fascist, is to be portrayed in the upcoming Secret Empire series as a member of Hydra. Because he is a Jewish character from the death camps of Auschwitz, and Hydra are considered the same as the Nazis.


There are counter-arguments that Hydra are a separate fascist organization originating in East Asia, who attempted to use the Nazi Party, only to be subsumed by it, especially by the Red Skull. A figure it appears will have been murdered by the New Hydra, led by a Captain America sleeper agent and with a Madame Hydra who was always opposed to any allegiance with the Nazis. This is, for want of a better word, an Anit-Nazi Hydra. Still fascists though. And it's the insidious appeal of fascism that Nick Spencer is exploring with the Secret Empire comic book, how such a movement can emerge, take control through legal means, until it's too late to do anything.

Anyway. One of the other arguments is that the Magneto cover is just a cover. A variant cover. With no more representation of the inside of a comic book than a Skottie Young variant.

Which would have stood up a lot more if the Mystery Hydra Villain variant cover for Secret Empire #2…


…didn't really resemble a twist in today's Amazing Spider-Man #25.


You may have read a Bleeding Cool article from Monday morning (if you could find it) but now we have a few more details regarding exactly what the new Otto Octavius, Doctor Octopus, looks like and behaves like.


In a clone body, a mix of Ottio Octavius and Peter Parker, with Spider-Man powers (including his new octopus-sense) and Otto brain. Oh and new haircut.

Just remember, don't call it a nazi haircut.

How about an alt-right-parting? And when Otto discovers his old hideaway has been taken over by Hydra, he is persuaded to do a deal and big up his resources.


And that's why the Secret Empire variant cover will be The Superior Octopus Of Hydra. So if you follow that logic then, yes, Magneto is probably Hydra too after all.

I wonder what Magneto's haircut is like under that helmet?


Of course, Spider-Man has other things to worry about.


He's a social justice worrier!

Amazing Spider-Man #25 is published by Marvel Comics today for $9.99.

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