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Superior Spider-Man Revisits Amazing Spider-Man
Amazing Spider-Man #33 by Steve Ditko and Stan Lee was the final part of Spider-Man's first multi-part story, If This Be My Destiny…!, and is famed for an extended scene in which Spider-Man was trying to lift heavy machinery off himself in order to get much-needed medicine to his Aunt May in time. The story saw[...]
When Doc Ock Gave Spider-Boy Web Spinners... (Spoilers)
A Freaky New Comics Wednesday mindswap between Peter Parker and Doctor Octopus. Doctor Octopus, it seems, was a more lax guardian and mentor than Peter Parker is Though maybe he is starting to remember all of this…which is more than Peter Parker is Also note the multiple Spider-Boys above, a nice reference to his second appearance[...]
Marvel Comics Wednesday
In today's new Superior Spider-Man #1, we see Doctor Octopus revisiting his time as the Superior Spider-Man, but also his origin story This is how it originally ran in Amazing Spider-Man #3 by Steve Ditko and Stan Lee With Doctor Octopus working at a US Atomic Research Centre, with radioactive materials. Until something went wrong somewhere,[...]
Marvel Comics
The series continues from the events of the 2012 storyline Dying Wish, in which Peter Parker is murdered by Doctor Octopus after swapping minds with Parker and leaving him to die in Octavius' decaying body. However, Octavius becomes inspired by Parker's dying wish to have a new Spider-Man protect New York City, and decides to[...]
Marvel Comics
Recently in Marvel Comics' Amazing Spider-Man, we have seen the return of Doctor Octopus's spare set of arms, seemingly in love with Spider-Man And from that very first meeting… … it was love at first sight Peter Parker and Otto Octavius have been inside each other's minds more than would make sense in any other world,[...]
The Spider-Man/Doctor Octopus Marriage Cover That Marvel Never Used
What will they make of Marvel Executive Editor Tom Brevoort revealing on his newsletter a Marvel Comics commissioned cover, in which Spider-Man is marrying Doctor Octopus in a wedding dress? Even if it was never used as intended? As well as talking about whether Superman should have his secret identity back, whether Marvel's comics should mirror[...]
Marvel Tribute For Stan Lee's 100th Birthday In Today's Comics
With the headline "100 Years And Still Inspiring Us All" From Galactus above to the Mole Man's Moloids below, including Spider-Man, Daredevil, Mole Man, Skrulls, Cyclops, Jean Grey, Crystal, Doctor Strange, Dormammu, Scarlet Witch, Kingpin, Iron Man, Thor, Magneto, MODOK, The Watcher, The Enchantress, Black Panther, Mister Fantastic, The Invisible Woman, The Thing, Human Torch, Doctor[...]
Amazing Spider-Man
Doctor Octopus has his own agenda, long past the old revenge-against-Spider-Man, grabs for wealth or political power, that used to see him subsumed by the supervillain standards Instead, he is after his stuff and taking it back from the Beyond Corporation, who bought out the very Parker Industries he used to control When he was[...]
Funko Reveals Exclusive Spider-Man vs. Sinister Six Pop Set
The first villain is on the way with Doctor Octopus in his classic Marvel Comics costume. #gallery-1 { margin: auto; } #gallery-1 .gallery-item { float: left; margin-top: 10px; text-align: center; width: 100%; } #gallery-1 img { border: 2px solid #cfcfcf; } #gallery-1 .gallery-caption { margin-left: 0; } /* see gallery_shortcode() in wp-includes/media.php */ Credit: Funko It does look like all the other iconic Spider-Man Sinister Six villains will arrive in a set which[...]
Marvel Boosts Doctor Octopus Profile Ahead Of Spider-Man No Way Home
With Spider-Man: No Way Home hurtling down the tracks towards us, Doctor Octopus is in the ascendancy with two notable appearance in Marvel comic books today There's the weirdly-titled Amazing Spider-Man #80.BEY but first in Devil's Reign #1, he is part of Team Kingpin in his new Civil War against superheroes And this time it[...]
Doctor Octopus Returns At Marvel In Devil's Reign: The Superior Four
And now we have a third spin-off volume, Devil's Reign: The Superior Four by Zeb Wells and Davide Tinto, including the return of Doctor Octopus, as seen below Will the other three be clones of Otto Octavius? He does have a thing for cloning of late But the cover below shows Doctor Octupses from other[...]
Spider-Man: No Way Home: Dir Sam Raimi Reacts to Doc Ock’s Return
The upcoming third film in the second reboot of the film franchise in No Way Home has Sony bringing back previous villains from the Raimi and Marc Webb's Amazing Spider-Man films, including Willem Dafoe's Green Goblin from Raimi's 2001 film, Alfred Molina's Doctor Octopus from his 2004 sequel, and Jamie Foxx's Electro from Webb's only[...]
Aunt May to Get with Doc Ock Again in December's Spider-Man Comics
But the biggest news of all is that Marvel is teasing a rekindling of the romance between Aunt May and Doctor Octopus. The original near-wedding of Doc Ock and Aunt May took place in 1973 Are readers of 2021 ready to see Otto and May do the hibbity-dibbity? The answer can only be YES, YES, OH[...]
New Marvel-ous Statues Incoming from Diamond Select Toys
We then transition to some very limited edition statues with an Animated Doctor Octopus and X-Men's Cyclops coming in at only 2,000 pieces For Doc Ock, this deadly Spider-Man is coming to life right out of the animated series with his mechanic arms at the ready. Cyclops, on the other hand, is part of Diamond Selects[...]
Doctor Octopus Gets Woke in This Superior Spider-Man #5 Preview
The whole concept of the Superior Spider-Man — Doctor Octopus masquerading as Spider-Man, originally in the body of Peter Parker — lends itself easy to controversy With Doc Ock engaging in romantic relationships, including one at first with Mary Jane Watson before he had second thoughts, and later with Anna Maria Marconi, while pretending to[...]
Amazing Spider-Man #800 cover by Alex Ross
Thankfully, Venom and Doctor Octopus have stakes in this fight, and Mary Jane and May are far from helpless Plus, Harry and Liz Allen aren't willing to lie down and let Norman ruin their lives, and Peter gets a leg up from Eddie Brock The final battle against the Red Goblin ends here. Amazing Spider-Man #800[...]
Separated At Birth? Hydra Superior Octopus and Neo-Nazi Richard Spencer
Using a proto-clone body, stabilised using his own science, and transferring his own consciousness into it, Doctor Octopus gained new life as a newly empowered form, even down to his very own 'octopus sense'. And he also has a new power base – in the form of Marvel's very own alternative right (whatever you do, don't[...]
Rape, Redemption And The Amazing Spider-Man (Spoilers)
Or does it? In the new Amazing Spider-Man #700, as it begins we meet Peter Parker, the Amazing Spider-Man, with Doctor Octopus living in his head And he seems to be getting it on with Mary Jane Watson, his in-another-reality ex-wife, certainly ex-girlfriend, and they seem to be getting it on. They are interrupted by events, however,[...]
Speculator Corner: Did Superior Spider-Man Begin In Amazing Spider-Man #600?
When he put his brainwave pattern into whatever Doctor Octopus technology he was using… at what cost? Currently Amazing Spider-Man #600 sells on eBay for around cover price or less Will that be the case tomorrow? So Amazing Spider-Man #698 is selling from between $5 and $13 on eBay… but where did it all begin? Could it[...]
Why You Should Not Despair At Amazing Spider-Man #698 (SPOILERS)
The following article will act as if you have read Amazing Spider-Man #698. If you have not, you may want to look elsewhere, until you have. I think it's a really clever comic and well worth the recommendation. But some of you are going to have real problems with it. And I'm going to explore those - and why this could be a real opportunity for the comic. From here on, there are spoilers. Massive, huge spoilers.
Future Proofing The Amazing Spider-Man #682
It's a brave, entertaining device – even if he points to the question why this doesn't happen more often, especially with, say, The Fantastic Four. But the actions that Peter Parker has had on the world doesn't stand in isolation, it's a clever counterpoint to the actions of Doctor Octopus in this issue The comic begins[...]