Animosity: Evolution #6 Review – Ghost in the Animals in the Machine

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Ten Lex Animata are dead because of the Leopard, Penny, and Octavia. The City by the Sea is falling into chaos because its people are starving. Wintermute is wounded and at the mercy of Dr. North's kindness. North himself is also on the hunt for those responsible for the Animata's death. Gwendolyn Yi and the scouts are still dealing with the resistant farmers. Penny and Octavia are scared that they will be found out.

Animosity: Evolution #6 cover by Eric Gapstur and Guy Major
Animosity: Evolution #6 cover by Eric Gapstur and Guy Major

Animosity: Evolution #6 is a mixed bag of a comic. On one hand, much of the comic is very slow and reiterating the philosophy that every issue of the series thus far has espoused. On the other hand, the final few pages kick things into high gear and present some shocking developments for the City by the Sea.

I'm inclined to say the comic comes down on the side of being good, even if it really drags in many spots. Wintermute is an interesting figure, and this comic gives more insight into her character. Adam North makes some brash decisions one would not expect of him. It's hard not to feel for Octavia and Penny. The waxed socioeconomics are interesting and intelligent, even if the comic relies upon that too much to fill out page space.

Animosity: Evolution #6 art by Eric Gapstur and Rob Schwager
Animosity: Evolution #6 art by Eric Gapstur and Rob Schwager

Eric Gapstur succeeds in constructing another visually appealing issue of Animosity: Evolution. The animals continue to be expressive while still looking like animals. There are plenty of simply awesome images throughout the book, like elephants with Gatling guns strapped to their trunks (yes, really). Rob Schwager's color art is bright and helps the art pop for the reader.

Animosity: Evolution #6 is a bit slow, but it has some compelling developments for those who can tough out the slowness. There's political intrigue, violence, and rebellion. The characters continue to be interesting, as this is a Marguerite Bennett book — so that's to be expected. I can recommend this one regardless of its problems. So, feel free to check it out.

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