AWA Looks to Comic Books Beyond the Printed Page

AWA, or Artists, Writers & Artisans Inc, is a new New York-based comic book publisher. It's headed up by former Marvel publisher Bill Jemas and former Marvel EIC Axel Alonso. The months of April and May were meant to be its launch period. However, the current situation has stymied that plan. However, it does appear that Bill Jemas has been given the keys to the AWA Twitter account. As he is talking about the publisher's current attitude, during our collective shared experience. One interpreted to criticise attempts by ComicsHub to 'save' the comics industry, in terms of retailer, publisher and distributor.

Indeed, you can read the first three chapters of The Resistance #1, #2 and #3 right now. AWA published the issue in a Webtoon format online. Be warned, however, it is a rather grim tale of plague, and the hard decisions governments choose to make.

The Resistance #1 published by AWA
The Resistance #1 published by AWA

A number of comic book stores look favourably on AWA Studios. Their launch title Resistance, a pandemic sci-fi thriller by Joe Michael Straczyski and Mike Deodato, is well-reviewed. It is possible that this attitude may not be well received by retailers, currently under shutdown.

DiDio at AWA rumours

When last we heard, former DC Comics publisher Dan DiDio had been taking meetings with AWA. DiDio got a nickname of Jemas at DC editorial. This superseded his nickname of Shooter, both reflecting DiDio's reputation for micromanagement. Bleeding Cool is not entirely sure if any one publisher could contain two such individuals. We do look forward to seeing how such a thing may go down.

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