Batgirl Relives Killing Joke, and All Her Worst Traumas, for Joker War in June

Batgirl will relive her greatest traumas… again… this June as Joker War rolls through Batgirl #48. Kicking off a new storyline called "The Last Joke," Batgirl #48 sees the return of James Gordon Jr., who may or may not be teaming up with the Joker himself. As a result, Barbara Gordon will be "forced to relive the most traumatic events of her life" as the story spins out of "the catastrophic history of the Gordon family."

Check out the solicit for Batgirl #48 below, and look out for DC's full June solicits later this month… that is, if everything isn't canceled for coronavirus by then.

Ric is Dick, Batman Has Knightmares, Batgirl Relives Trauma, and Two-Face May Die in DC's Joker War Solicits for June

BATGIRL #48 – On sale June 24, 2020
Cecil Castellucci and Robbi Rodriguez begin a new story arc, "The Last Joke!" Spinning out of the catastrophic history of the Gordon family, Barbara Gordon is forced to relive the most traumatic events of her life. James Gordon Jr. is back, and he's on a mission to run the Gordons out of Gotham City—and as we all know, anything involving James Jr. is bad news for Babs and Commissioner Gordon. But is her brother capable of tormenting his family on his own, or has he teamed up with a certain Clown Prince of Crime?
Variant cover by IAN MacDONALD
$3.99 US | 32 PAGES

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