Batman #1 Best Seller In September As DC Comics Take Seventeen Of Top Twenty

The Batman monthly comic from DC Comics is usually regarded as a solid, reliable seller, published every month whatever, which is why Diamond Comic Distributor make it the standard against which all other comics are measured – they don't release the sales figures, just how each comic performs against each other.

Well, Bleeding Cool has received an advance look at the Top Twenty sellers through Diamond for the month of September, DC's relaunch, and it's a revelation.

DC have claimed seventeen, with Marvel's Fear Itself coming in at the eighth best seller in volume (though at $3.99, it's the sixth best seller in terms of revenue). More surprisingly, the heavily hyped Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #1 only comes in at ninth place.

This month, Batman #1 became literally the standard against which all other books are judged, the bestselling comic of the month, just ahead of Action Comics #1 (in sales if not dollars) and well ahead of all the other books, and DC have grabbed seventeen out of the top twenty places on the chart. It's a rout.

Bleeding Cool also reported that DC have beaten Marvel in marketshare for both unites sold and for revenue – but only just on the latter, despite their million dollar promotional effort. Of course DC published around half the comics Marvel did for September.

And those numbers aren't final either, a bunch of DC orders have had their reported numbers reduced by Diamond because the books were returnable, around twenty percent lower to statistically cover any returned comics – even, as it seems, there aren't going to be any.

Also, this may be the first time John Constantine has appeared in the top twenty for quite some time…

12100.00BATMAN #1
4568.60FLASH #1
5462.83SUPERMAN #1 [*]
6754.87DETECTIVE COMICS #1 [*]
8649.37FEAR ITSELF #6
101145.24BATMAN AND ROBIN #1 [*]
121243.25BATGIRL #1 [*]
134540.45WONDER WOMAN #1
141339.68GREEN LANTERN CORPS #1 [*]
154939.10TEEN TITANS #1
161638.36AQUAMAN #1 [*]
175138.33BATWOMAN #1
181038.18AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #669
192135.32RED LANTERNS #1 [*]
202433.36JUSTICE LEAGUE DARK #1 [*]

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