BC FCBD Roundup: Spawn #1 Comes Around Again

Comics fans from around the world are settling in to absorb all of the great titles they were able to pick up during Free Comic Book Day, with offerings from just about every comics publisher out there.

BC FCBD Roundup: Spawn #1 Comes Around Again
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BC FCBD Roundup: Spawn #1 Comes Around Again

Spawn #1 made the rounds again, with a splashy new cover from Francesco Mattina. It's kind of a trip down memory lane to thumb through this issue again, but let's not panic about missing this issue- you've seen it before, and it's been reprinted in its entirety multiple times.

So, unless you were really sweating it over the new cover, your Spawn collection should be just fine. If you're interested in reading this story for yourself, the first graphic novel collection of the Spawn comic book will give you plenty of story for your buck!

BC FCBD Roundup: Spawn #1 Comes Around Again

One thing's for certain, though- the art is still as fresh and innovative as it was when Spawn was originally released. It's easy to see how McFarlane essentially gave comics a swift shot of raw adrenaline with this title!

(W) Todd McFarlane (A) Todd McFarlane (CA) Francesco Mattina

Relive the historical launch of one of the most successful comic book series of all-time this FCBD
with a reprint of SPAWN #1 featuring a new, exclusive cover by Francesco Mattina. Longtime readers of this record-breaking, iconic series following anti-hero Al Simmons will enjoy a nostalgic look back at the issue that started it all. And new readers will have a chance to embark on the SPAWN adventure in time for the release of the film adaptation starring Jamie Foxx, Jeremy Renner, and directed by Todd McFarlane himself.
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