Bleeding Cool Bestseller List 23rd April 2017 – Batman And Superman Beat Secret Empire, But Redneck And Monstress Rocket Up The Chart


This is the Top Ten Bleeding Cool Bestseller List, as compiled by a number of comic stores from their sales on Wednesday and Thursday. It measures what are known as the "Wednesday Warriors", those who can't wait to the weekend to get this week's comics. We salute you, and the keenness you bring to your passion.

I will confess, I was expecting a Secret Empire rout of the chart, Batman deposed from his throne, It seems it was not to be. Redneck #1 makes a major splash, the kind usually reserved at Image for a Mark Millar, Robert Kirkman or Bryan K Vaughan launch. And Monstress is also doing very well indeed….

  1. Batman #21
  2. All Star Batman #9
  3. Superman #21
  4. Secret Empire #0
  5. Justice League #19
  6. Redneck #1
  7. Super Sons #3
  8. Nightwing #19
  9. Monstress #11
  10. Captain America: Steve Rogers #16

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Batman #21 was such a big book this week that it outsold every other book on our Top Ten COMBINED! DC ended up taking eight of our store's top ten slots this week, with Secret Empire #0 making it to fourth place and Redneck #1 in eighth place.

No real trends this week–back issue sales seemed to be scattered across a wide range of titles, although Marvel back issues did take a little larger percentage than in weeks past.


Wow. I was expecting Batman #21 to outsell everything else by a mile. What I wasn't expecting is that Redneck #1 would come in THIRD, and that even Dr Strange #19 would outsell the beginning of Secret Empire– which limped to 9th. We have a lot of copies left and this'll inform how we proceed with ordering this "event." Happy also to see Super Sons is maintaining its base, as it's a really well-done book. I really hope Marvel figures out how to lift out of this downward spiral, because it's officially taking a measurable chunk of dollars off the table.

Lots of Silver and Bronze age Marvel sales out of the back issues, with several customers noting they missed reading & enjoying Marvel and grabbing old stuff was satisfying that itch more than the new stuff. Specifically Claremont/Byrne X-Men issues, Miller Daredevil, and Lee/Kirby FF issues.

The Hype train has pulled out of the station and DC is riding the top like one of those kids from the internet as Batman absolutely dominated the Top 10 here at FFF. Marvel had a weaker week than usual with only three books in the Top 20. One of which was X-Men Blue still selling from last week. 

The Dark Knight has become death, destroyer of other titles. Flash has massive shoes to fill next week, but if it continues to be even a fraction as good, it'll still be a top seller. With thirteen titles in the Top 20, DC has found it's footing. They've found the perfect balance between quality and quantity by not flooding the market with as much as they can just to see what sticks. They're taking chances and it's paying off. Superwoman of all titles outsold Venom.

Image's cat has shredded open the bag and clawed its way up to being one of the top contenders at our store. With three titles in the Top 10 and one more in the Top 20, they're starting to prove that they should be one of the Big Two over some of the other Major competition. As a store we've been pushing their (and other indie publishers) books over most of the traditional tights and capes comics. Donny Cates has become a store favorite. Redneck is definitely riding God Country's wave, but if the quality of the first issue is any indication I see it staying a top seller. Plastic was also pushed by our staff and was received positively by customers. Doug Wagner seems like he'll be one of the next writers to watch in the coming months. Invincible may be wrapping up soon, but it still sells well at #15 in our Top 20. A lot of our customers are going to be disappointed when it wraps up, but with all the other great titles coming out of Image, it won't be hard to find a replacement. 

Marvel is still limping along with only one title in the Top 10 and two more in the Top 20. Secret Empire had some hype backing it up, and it served it well as it was #8, but like all Marvel events, I don't see it lasting. Maybe if they stay on schedule and keep the fans interested in the Post-Obama Marvel Universe. But that's a lofty goal for the company that also put out Civil War II and Secret Wars (III). Venom and X-Men Blue were #17 and #20 respectively. Again, hype seems to be fueling Venom as we've been teased with the return of Eddie Brock for a few months now. X-Men Blue is still enjoying a nice boost as people are interested in the Merry Mutants again. Hopefully that holds true through the bi-monthly schedule.

Early Rebirth issues are one of our top back issue sellers. People are still jumping on and staying interested in what DC is putting out. The Button also got a few people interested in old Flash back issues from his earlier runs as well as Flashpoint and it's tie-ins. Batman back issues are a regular seller. X-Men, Walking Dead, Saga and Spider-Man also sold as usual.
This was our second Wednesday as a two store operation and wow, what a week. Batman (3D and otherwise) took the top 3 slots. The good thing about having a new store that nobody knows about (lol) is that we still had hot new books like Redneck, Plastic, Batman 21 lenticular and God Country in stock even after other shops sold out.

Redneck was a bonafide hit and believe it or not, I think even more new people tried God Country starting with issue 4. 

The indie buzz from Image and the straight forward appeal of Batman 21 did a good job of shadowing Secret Empire #0 but that book was so gorgeous that I am certain second week sales will be in our top 20.
With our second store, we have also entered a new back issue market and the response to new inventory has been very well received. Notable sales include a Giant Sized X-men #1, first appearances of Ant-Man, Cloak and Dagger, Starlord and a nice stack of higher grade Marvel/DC treasury editions. Special thanks to BCW for making treasury sized bags and boards!
Batman #21 was the clear winner for the week. Redneck however gave it a run for it's money passing the century mark in sales. Secret Empire #0 was the best selling event book since Avengers vs X-Men and almost sold completely out day one.
Wonder Woman back-issues are flying out of the store. Detective Comics is also n fire with new and old issues being sought after…
This week's top 10 was Batman, and then Batman, followed by Batman, and Batman. And then All-Star Batman.

Secret Empire did pretty well, though not even in the ballpark of what Marvel Events used to do, before they did events to death. Hardly anyone bought Nick Fury, and Royals has already died. With another $10 book on the horizon, everyone is jumping off Deadpool.

Redneck sold really well, but with the way God Country sells, that's no surprise. Monstress is up there with the best selling Image books. That's how Art can "move the needle".

I wish I wasn't right, but DC's move to $3.99 has really started to take a bite out of their numbers, which had held amazingly steady since Rebirth launched. What I didn't expect, was how much it would hurt the $2.99 books. It seems that many of my DC customers decided to take a long, hard look at what DC's they are buying, and cut their lists down. In some cases, this has made them cut DC entirely. Not many, mind, but you know, a few is too many. 

Rebirth is still selling what I would call "well", though. It's just too bad they couldn't keep holding the line.

We sell tons of back issues, all the time, so I never quite know what to put here. Overall, my feeling is that mid-eighties are in, as the seventies stuff becomes harder to find for those cheaper prices. Past that it seems to be keys or nothing, with the obvious exception of recent back issues.
Secret Empire 0. What the heck happen? Captain America Steve Rogers sold more and sold out while Secret Empire sold less and not very well to put it mildly.

Batman by far and away the number one seller this week. People did like the 3D cover. Harley Quinn 18 was robbed out of being in the top ten. I sadly am unable to sell a comic when I am badly shorted on it. Guardians of the Galaxy Dream 1 was a complete flop here in store. The movie is not giving it or the characters any boost this time. DC made up a majority of the top ten with Marvel taking two spots with Captain America Steve Rogers and Venom.

Batman #21 was our top seller this week, which isn't at all surprising. We just don't live in a world where a Batman/Watchmen crossover isn't going to be a big deal. (And honestly, that lenticular variant cover was really pretty great.) What is a little surprising is that Sex Criminals #18 and Monstress #11, which tied for second place, were not far behind at all. Both titles always do well at our store, but it's still nice to see two Image titles, especially two that couldn't be more different from each other, can hold their own against Batman and Watchmen. Marvel's new Secret Empire #0 and Nick Fury #1 also showed up a bit lower down the list.

Redneck takes the #1 spot, bringing in our biggest grouping of demographics since My little pony.  Batman comes in a strong second.  Overall Independents ruled the week , with almost every title selling out. World World Hulk took the #1 spot for back issues sales.  the big surprise was Plastic with was a Huge success.


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