Brian Bendis Asks – Where Are The Fantastic Four? And Other Marvel Universe Pasts, Presents And Futures (SPOILERS)

Ar, Jim lad, here be spoilers for today's Jessica Jones, Death Of X, Spider-Man 2099 and Iron Man. Arrr….

image-25Today's Jessica Jones sees a character channelling the online comic book fan – or indeed the Trump voter – wondering what the hell is going on with the the state of continuity, and obsessed with conspiracy theories.

image-28 Of course, in her case it's all true. The universe was utterly destroyed then recreated, with a few nips and tucks along the way. Miles Morales' life and family was transposed into the Marvel Universe. Doctor Doom got a face lift, Ultimate Reed Richards survived, Ultimate Thor's hammer made it across and the like. And the Fantastic Four removed by corporate dictat.

And it all happened eight months ago. Still.
image-26Kurt Busiek wrote an Astro City story similar to this, about someone whose wife had been wiped out of continuity by some time travelling cosmic event.

It looks like the new Prime Earth has more to deal with than just Miles Morales' family squeezing in.

image-27And the husband seems to be someone related to the Spider-Verse, in a different continuity, Surname Osborne?


Meanwhile over in Death Of X #1, we get an inkling of what else happened back eight months ago as well. As the comic tells a divided reaction to the Terrigen Mists flooding the world, one of hope, discovery and possibility for the Inhumans and for the mutants…


Hundreds and hundreds of deaths! Admittedly, it's all the same guy but still. He is. Fan favourite since Peter David decided he might be interesting to write.

Talking of whom, David also lays out a 2099 vision of the future in Spider-Man 2099 – or rather, their past. And the Marvel future.

While in International Iron Man we get a better look at the present, Ozymandias style.


Who cares about the difference between mutant and Inhumans? Well, they seem to…


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