Canada, Puerto Rico Rank Amongst Top Ten Most Ordered U.S.Avengers "State" Variants

In the wake of a divisive election that left America tired and wounded, what we all really need is some time to rest, heal, and find a way to bridge the divide between Americans. It's in that spirit that Marvel has created an infographic showing the top ten most ordered "state variants" for U.S. Avengers #1. Texas tops the list, beating out New York, which came in at #3, proving once and for all which state has the more devoted comic book fans! My own state, Ohio, was barely even able to make it on the list, coming in at #7 and being beaten by both Canada and Puerto Rico, which aren't even states! Ohio did manage to beat out both Pennsylvania and Virginia though, so, in the spirit of healing, let me just say: suck it, Pennsylvania and Virginia!

Check out the infographic below. Did your state make the list? There's still time to let your retailer know you want to do your civic duty and purchase one of these variants, which features a different Avenger for every state, fulfilling the little known third promise of Herbert Hoover's famous campaign slogan: "A chicken in every pot, a car in every garage, and an Avenger for every state." U.S. Avengers, by Al Ewing and Paco "Funky Cold" Medina hits stands in January.


You know, I just noticed it, but that logo is a total ripoff of the 80s G.I. Joe cartoon logo. Swipe file, anyone?


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