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Hitler and the Nazis were the subjects of many comic books published during World War II — which should come as no surprise to anyone. Many of the heroes we have today, and several that were lost to time, were created to fight the Nazi's within the pages of their respective comics. Several of the rarest and popular Golden Age comics feature some of our favorite heroes beating up Nazis and even Hitler himself. As such is the case with this ComicConnect auction for Spy Smasher #10, which ends on May 21st and asks the most critical question. Did Spy Smasher kill Hitler?

Spy Smasher from Fawcett Publications (yes, the publisher that brought us the original Captain Marvel) was a detective with an arsenal of gadgets at his disposal. Much like his contemporaries, he also faced off against the Axis Powers. The character has been reinvented numerous times over the decades and was absorbed into the DC universe after DC sued Fawcett, successfully (and unfortunately) putting the company out of business.

The copy of Spy Smasher #10 up for auction on ComiConnect. Image Credit: ComicConnect
The copy of Spy Smasher #10 up for auction on ComiConnect. Image Credit: ComicConnect

This CGC universal blue 1.5 with cream to off-white pages has a detached centerfold and tape on the cover — exterior and interior. While there is no other 1.5 on GPA, a CGC blue label 2.0 sold for $405 in March of 2018. Likewise, a CGC blue label 9.4, the highest on GPA, sold for $2966 in December of 2013. A CGC blue label 3.5 sold for $550 in May 2020. Despite the low grade, this book presents beautifully. It may be off-putting to buy a comic with Hitler on it, but for many Golden Age collectors, it's the norm. As I said earlier, some of the very best golden age comics feature heroes beating up Hitler and the Nazis; covers such as Captain America Comics #1.

The auction for this Nazi smashing book ends on May 21st and is part of Session 4 of Event Auction #42. Are you interested in winning this book? You'll need a ComicConnect account to do so, but don't fret, accounts are totally free! Sign up today; you never know what cool books you'll find. Happy bidding!


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