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Venus #19 is the Pre-Code Horror You Need, Only from ComicConnect!

Venus #19 is the Pre-Code Horror You Need, Only from ComicConnect

Pre-code horror is one of the best things about the Golden Age of comics. The covers are terrifying, the stories horrifying, and overall they're entirely satisfying. This pre-code beauty from Atlas Comics — the same publisher that brought us Captain America — is one of the best covers from this era, but where can you […]

Check out Spy Smasher #10 on This Weeks ComicConnect Event Auction

Several of the rarest and popular Golden Age comics feature some of our favorite heroes beating up Nazis and even Hitler himself As such is the case with this ComicConnect auction for Spy Smasher #10, which ends on May 21st and asks the most critical question Did Spy Smasher kill Hitler?Spy Smasher from Fawcett Publications[...]

ComicConnect's Event Auction Heats Up With Fight Against Crime #20!

ComicConnect's Event Auction Heats Up With Fight Against Crime #20

Comic books in the 1950s took a decidedly less violent and horror-filled turn. After World War 2 came to an end, comics shifted heavily into becoming kid-friendly books across the board. When The Comics Code Authority came into existence in 1954, popular (and now sought after books), classic horror comics were put to an end. […]

Jungle Cover History Can be Yours With Fight Comics #49

Jungle Girl Cover History Can be Yours With Fight Comics #49

The Golden Age of comics brought us much more than iconic superheroes. They gave us whimsical animal comics, teen humor, startling horror, and the infamous jungle girl covers. Golden Age comic collectors across the board seem to agree on the desirability of jungle girl covers. In fact, jungle-themed comics would become a staple during World […]

Looking For Early Archie? This Jackpot Comics #4 Could be Yours!

Looking For Early Archie? This Jackpot Comics #4 Could Be Yours

Before Archie was a blip in Bob Montana's eye, MLJ was publishing superhero comics. Pep, Jackpot, and Shield Wizard were just some of the comic books kids could find at their local newsstand. These books featured timely patriotic heroes — in fact, one of the heroes pre-dates Captain America, which would result in a fun […]

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Diving Into the Comic Vault: Pep Comics #8 is Daring and Dashing

Hello, and welcome back to Diving Into the Comic Vault! Today we'll be looking at Pep Comics #8. This cover prominently features the Shield escaping an Egyptian sarcophagus as he goes to save a woman from men dressed in ancient Egyptian garb. Pep Comics #8 came out in 1940 when America was still entranced by […]

The Diving Into The Comic Vault logo. Photo: Baltimore Lauren.

Diving Into the Comic Vault: Pep Comics #6

Welcome back to another episode of Diving Into the Comic Vault. We're still exploring the early issues of Pep Comics, with today's focus on Pep Comics #6. This cover is yet another impressive WWII themed cover of Pep Comics by Irv Novick, showcasing The Shield fighting the Axis Powers. This issue has Shield — in […]

The Diving Into The Comic Vault logo. Photo: Baltimore Lauren.

Diving Into the Comics Vault: Pep Comics #5

Welcome back to another episode of Diving Into the Comics Vault! We're now five issues into MLJ's flagship title, Pep Comics. This issue of Pep Comics features a rather striking cover. The Shield is underwater, fighting enemy subs. Artist Irv Novick did an exceptional job with making Shield look like he really was fighting underwater. […]

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Diving into the Comics Vault: Pep Comics #4

If you want to read the previous entry in this series click here. Pep Comics #4 has one of my favorite covers. Featuring The Shield, we see our hero fighting bad guys in tanks in what we can safely assume is Washington D.C. This is a bright, eye-catching cover, and should be considered a Golden […]

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Diving Into the Comic Vault: Pep Comics #3

Welcome back to Diving Into the Comic Vault! If you haven't read this series yet, no worries. Check out our first post here! Today we'll be focusing on Pep Comics #3, with its signature hero — The Shield. In this issue, we open with The Shield in another daring adventure. American ships are being attacked […]


Diving into the comic vault: Pep Comics #1

In 1940, the world was in the grips of World War 2. In America, patriotism was at an all time high. Everything in the current pop culture landscape was jumping onto the patriotism bandwagon, especially comics. Comic books of the this era — now known as the Golden Age of comics — laid the groundwork […]


Set sail with Pirates for Yoe Books and Clover Press!

Arrr matey. Are you craving for adventure on the high seas? Do your land legs yearn for some swash-buckling adventures? Then this book is for you! Pirates: A Treasure Of Comics To Plunder, Arrr! is the graphic novella for you. This book was put together thanks to the comic book masterminds of Craig Yoe and […]

Third Highest-Graded Batman #121 Sells For $18,200, Along With Other Big Books

DC comics have been popular since before I was born (and likely you, as well, to be fair). Detective Comics #27 and Action Comics #1 are two of the most desirable collector items, and even non-comic book fans want them. Investment-wise, most DC books aren't a bad choice. Below are the results of ComicConnect's most […]

Merciful Minerva! eBay's Wonder Woman Auction Event

Without a doubt, Wonder Woman is one of the hottest superheroes right now, thanks in large part to the box office record-breaking movie. But even before that, she's always been in the public eye. Her appeal is universal, and her importance in comic book history can't be ignored. Currently on eBay — from Pristine Comics — are […]

Wonder Woman Co-Creator William Moulton Marston On Nazis' Problem With Women

William Moulton Marston — one of the creators of Wonder Woman — was ahead of his time, and also considered an outrageous man. He was openly polyamorous in a time when that was morally looked down upon. He was ardently pro-female, when that was also looked down on. And he also really hated Nazis, like the majority […]

Bid Now To Own DC's First Comic!

Before DC was home to Wonder Woman, Superman, and Batman, they were National Comics. And they printed funny comics and heroic (before the idea of the Superman was a thing) comics, but no matter how you look at it, this is one of the most important comics in the comic world. New Fun #1 is […]

Flash Comics #1 Ashcan (Fawcett) Auction Ends Tonight On Comic Connect

Ashcan copies of Golden Age comics are, in a word, rare I don't see them pop up too often in auction houses, and frankly I've maybe seen one in person throughout my years of buying old books In tonight's Jon Berk auction at Comic Connect, a Flash Comics #1 Ashcan will be going to a[...]

Is Now A Good Time To Invest In Wonder Woman Comics?

Wonder Woman, in a word, is timeless. The character recently celebrated 75 years of being in the pop culture forefront, and finally has her own solo movie on the way. Wonder Woman debuted in All Star Comics #8, which has recently seen a surge in popularity. According to the Overstreet Price Guide, a good copy […]

Lauren Looks Back: Matt Baker

If you collect Golden Age comics, chances are high you have a number of Baker stories in your collection He also did freelance work for Atlas Comics (which would eventually become Marvel), penciling such comics as Western Outlaws, Quick Trigger Action, Frontier Woman and Wild Western.Unfortunately for the industry his genius would come to[...]

The Geek Shopping Ninja Strikes: Comic Book Pride

(The creator has a bunch of fun fabric options available to make different scarf’s if you’re looking for something with a giant Hulk face on it.) 2. 1.25" Saga Lying Cat Pinback Button or Ceramic Magnet from KaleighBulford  ($1.73)  Don’t even try and tell me you’re not in love with this…Lying! Hey Saga fans! I’m talking to you!3. Power Girl[...]