ComicConnect Boasts a Scarce Golden Age Beauty; My Intimate Affair #1

Sometimes something comes across my screen that really makes me stop and take pause. Usually, it's the news, but today it was something much more fun. During this week's ComicConnect event auction, fans of hard to find comics can try their luck at winning My Intimate Affair #1 from Fox Features Syndicate at an auction that ends on May 21st. This two-issue series follow one-shot stories about love from the woman's point of view. The women featured have all had some kind of heartbreak in their lives — be is husbands who have died in tragic accidents, to husbands who are cheating on them. One protagonist in this comic, a woman named Olga, has a "shameful" secret. The secret? That she wasn't born an American.

These type of romance comics were popular during the post World War 2 era of the Golden Age, and have more or less evolved into the checkout magazines you would see at your local grocery stores. The stories are mainly fluff but have some interesting angles to them. As I mentioned above, Olga starred in a short called "Foreign Born." The story doesn't mince any words about its point. Olga shows us that living in the foreign part of her city has made her a target for ridicule, one she didn't deserve. This is a great story to feature in a post-WW2 comic, as it shows that foreigners are not evil.

The copy of My Intimate Affair #1 up for auction on ComicConnect. Image Credit: ComicConnect
The copy of My Intimate Affair #1 up for auction on ComicConnect. Image Credit: ComicConnect

Since this book is scarce, not many are listed on GPA. This CGC universal blue label 5.5 with cream to off-white pages isn't even on GPA. A CGC blue label 6.5 sold in March of 2003 for $127. A CGC blue 3.5 sold for $280 in July of 2018. It's anyone's guess where this book will end up, but if you love scarce Golden Age books, this is one you should absolutely check out.

The auction for this particular book ends on May 21st and is part of Session 4 of Event Auction #42. Are you interested in this book? You'll need a ComicConnect account — but don't worry. They're absolutely free! Plus, you never know what kind of cool comic goodies you'll find. Happy bidding!

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