Connor Hawke & Damian Wayne, Much In Common (Robin #3 Spoilers)

Today sees the publication of Robin #3 by Josh Williamson and Gleb Melnikov from DC Comics, with Robin continuing to take part in the Lazarus League, fighting against other DC Comics Universe contestants for immortality, including the returned-from-the-dead Connor Hawke. But, to be fair, on Lazarus Island that's pretty much de rigeur.

Connor Hawke And Damian Wayne - So Much In Common (Robin #3 Spoilers)
Connor Hawke And Damian Wayne – So Much In Common (Robin #3 Spoilers)

But for Damian Wayne, son of Bruce Wayne, and Connor Hawke, son of Oliver Queen, there is a rapprochement. And yes, Hawke is officially back to being Queen's son. Originally he was not, just a Green Arrow sidekick, later retrofitted to be his son in DC's Zero Hour, before being removed from continuity entirely by the 2022 New 52 reboot. Infinite Frontier has both returned him to life and returned him to being Oliver's son, as the following conversation confirms, which seems reminiscent of the Princess conversation is Wreck-It Ralph 2.

Connor Hawke And Damian Wayne - So Much In Common (Robin #3 Spoilers)
Connor Hawke And Damian Wayne – So Much In Common (Robin #3 Spoilers)

Both with non-present, resurrected, vehicular cave-dwelling fathers. And while Oliver Queen does indeed have thing about fishnets with Dinah, it's not like Bruce Wayne's taste in leather-clad women wielding whips is anything to boast about. So, given that Jonathan Kent has new responsibilities, could this be the new Brave/Bold Worlds/Finest going forward?

(W) Joshua Williamson (A/CA) Gleb Melnikov
It's a beach party from hell! Robin's mission to get to the heart of the League of Lazarus's inner workings has left him once again locked in combat with his fellow fighters, but never did Damian Wayne think it would lead to a beach-blanket cookout. What's more dangerous than a life-or-death struggle for the all-or-nothing prize of immortality? Well, for Damian, it's acting like a normal teenager for five minutes. And don't miss the surprise confrontation with Damian's number 1 competition, a mysterious fighter trained by the League of Shadows!
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