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Has Flashpoint Given Us The Path To Connor Hawke? Not So Fast…

Now that there is a John Jr., then the future Green Arrow / Connor Hawke we saw in the Legends of Tomorrow episode Star City 2046 is now possible. Or is it? Marc Guggenheim was as that question by We go back and forth on that That was certainly a notion of ours It’s hard for[...]

Six Important Moments From DC's Legends Of Tomorrow – Star City 2046 Updated

Deathstroke is Grant Wilson, the son of Wade Wilson while the new Green Arrow is Connor Hawke Both characters come from the comics but with one twist Since the writers had already given Oliver Queen an illegitimate son, they decided for the television series that Connor is the son of John Diggle.. and most likely[...]

Swatchmen: Racebending Connor Hawke For Earth 2 (UPDATE x2)

Last week we noted how Earth 2 Annual #2 changed the name of the bad guy from Francesco Francavilla, the same name as the comics artist, to that of Falcone.In this weeks Earth 2 #20 , we meet the character Red Arrow who James Robinson said would be named Roy McQueen.Instead he was revealed as being[...]