Why Bleeding Cool Cosplay Correspondent Is The Perfect New Job For Sean Spicer

Sean Spicer has finally resigned as White House Press Secretary. We all knew it was coming. Hell, we all probably imagined it would have happened months ago. But while he lasted longer than expected, Spicer's future was never in doubt, and as reported today by the New York Times, destiny has finally caught up with Old Spice.

sean spicer

So what's next? Where does Sean Spicer go after he's simultaneously hit rock bottom while at the same time achieving what will probably be the most important position he'll ever hold in his career? The answer is simple: he becomes Bleeding Cool's official cosplay correspondent.

Look, we all know that cosplay is Spicer's true love, and that he probably never wanted to tell unbelievable lies to a hostile crowd of reporters, become the butt of every late night comedian's jokes, and be mocked by Melissa McCarthy on Saturday Night Live. Just because things worked out that way doesn't mean it's too late for Spicer to pursue his passion.

Besides, what better way to get back at his old boss, whose best friend Ike Permutter is the Chairman of Marvel Comics, than to come write for the one major comic book website that stands up to Marvel? And he won't have to pretend to enjoy Kellyanne Conway's sad attempts at cosplay anymore either, as a side bonus. Telling it like it is — wouldn't that be refreshing for Sean Spicer?

So we here at Bleeding Cool would like to extend a totally for serious job offer to Sean Spicer. Sure, we can't pay him as much as the White House can, but we can allow him to follow his dreams. And can you really put a price on that?

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