Crowdfundr, a New Creator-Focused Crowdfunding Platform, is Now Live

Does the world need another crowdfunding platform? ConnectionPoint, the company behind fundraising platform Fundrazr, thinks so, and so they have launched Crowdfundr, self-described as a "secure, privacy-oriented and fully featured crowdfunding platform, all to empower creators to run campaigns their way." Presumably in addition to a first campaign to raise money to fill in the missing vowels in ConnectionPoint's platform names, Crowdfundr has started with multiple campaigns in categories including comics, music, art, film, and more.

Crowdfundr, a New Creator-Focused Crowdfunding Platform, is Now Live

Crowdfundr touts features like "multiple campaign choice and payment options, sustainable and continuous crowdfunding, supportive campaign tools that allows for branded content and creator collaboration, concurrent campaign opportunities, as well as charitable donation option," and the platform is free to use, with creators deciding how much to share with the platform by choosing from three options. Additionally, creators can choose between "keep-it-all" funding models (like IndieGoGo) or "all-or-nothing" (like Kickstarter). Creators can also access funding immediately (instead of waiting until the end of a campaign), and can collect offline pledges at places like the convention floor. When the campaign is over, according to the website, Crowdfundr can become an online store to continue selling the product.

Crowdfundr, a New Creator-Focused Crowdfunding Platform, is Now Live

ConnectionPoint president Dave Barach explained the goal behind Crowdundr:

Our goal is for Crowdfundr to be the most creator-friendly crowdfunding platform. That's why we offer it for free and include other creator friendly features like being able to roll a campaign over into a store and include more reward choices for supporters. We also have special features for indie publishers and studios to collaborate with their creators and run concurrent campaigns. I think creators are going to be pleasantly surprised at the ways we support them, now and with future enhancements, toward sustainable and continuous crowdfunding for their work.

Crowdfundr, a New Creator-Focused Crowdfunding Platform, is Now Live

Crowdfundr's Creator Hub also features groups and forums with the aim of helping creators find collaborators for projects. You can learn more about that here. Here are some of the featured projects announced in the press release:

To set the creator-friendly Crowdfundr platform in motion, comes a series of launch campaigns featuring: The Fairy Tales of Oscar Wilde by Yuko Shimizu and Michael Cunningham (Beehive Books); Black Phoenix Omnibus by Rich Tommaso (Floating World Comics); Nasa Space Program Screenprint Poster Series by Robert Wilson IV;  That Distant Fire: A Dystopian Sci-Fi Graphic Novel by J.R. Hughto and Curt Merlo (Black Eye Books); King Jaguar Pro Wrestler Soft Vinyl Toy (Last Bastion Studios); and the Snail Mail Box (Zine-o-Matic).

To learn more, or to participate in Crowdfundr as a creator or a backer, head to their website here.

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