Cullen Bunn, From Golden Dawn to Re-Animator

Cullen Bunn is best known for his work on comic books such as Uncanny X-Men and Deadpool Kills The Marvel Universe, as well as creator-owned series The Damned, Shadow Roads and The Sixth Gun for Oni Press, Harrow County for Dark Horse Comics, Subspecies for Action Lab, Regression for Image and Unholy Grail, Brothers Dracul and Dark Ark for Aftershock Comics. He used his newsletter this weekend to tease some upcoming work of note. He began with this little logo. Golden Dawn, with cogs and chimneys, could this be something cyberpunk in Bunn's future?

Cullen Bunn, From Golden Dawn to Re-Animator.
Cullen Bunn, From Golden Dawn to Re-Animator. Logo from Cullen Bunn.

Cullen Bunn also says "my pal Blacky Shepherd and I have been working on a new comic for Dynamite. REANIMATOR: THE ETERNAL LIE is a crazy-as-Hell direct sequel to the original Lovecraft story of Herbert West! It is a shocking new story of life, death, undeath, and cosmic terror. Dynamite will be crowdfunding the first volume of the book through Indiegogo. While the project isn't live yet, they have set up a landing page where you can watch a video about the project, see some of Blacky's awesome artwork, and sign up for updates."

Will do, Cullen Bunn, will do. Blacky Shepherd has worked with Bunn previously on Pumpkinhead, Vampirella Vs ReAnimator and Voltron From The Ashes, all previously published by Dynamite. And, yes, for the next one, Dynamite will be using IndieGoGo to fund it.

He also says that "ReAnimator The Eternal Lie is a direct sequel to the original HP Lovecraft short story. " So there's that too. It's taken from the film franchise loosely based on Lovecraft's story, and Dynamite has published a number of Re-Animator comic books over the years. You can also sign up for his newsletter, to keep up with his latest projects, as and when, with this link.

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