Dan Slott's Year-Long One-Sided Twitter Conversation With Donald Trump


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Ah. Dan Slott's twitter. A classic.

For almost a full year, superstar Marvel Comics writer Dan Slott has been engaged in an ongoing conversation with the president of the United States, Donald J. Trump. The conversation has covered a wide range of topics, but there's one thing missing: any acknowledgement at all from the president that he's involved. Dan Slott, it seems, has been doing all the talking. Trump has yet to respond to even a single one of Slott's tweets, in what can only be interpreted as a purposeful slight against the Spider-Man scribe. How rude!

Slott began conversing with President Trump when he was just a civilian, way back in November of 2012:


However, Slott did not tweet at Donald Trump again until March of 2016, when Trump was in the midst of the Republican primary race.

Starting with that tweet, Dan Slott has tweeted directly at Donald Trump more than 70 times over the past year, shockingly never once receiving a reply.








Time and again, Slott has @mentioned Trump on Twitter, but despite the fact that Trump has been known to retweet random 16 year old boys with few followers, he has continued to ignore the popular comic book writer. What is his problem?










Slott has even tried talking to Trump's associates, like Kellyanne Conway, but with little success. It seems the entire Trump administration is avoiding Slott. Could Steve Bannon be behind all of this?


Slott even spent Christmas Eve talking to the then President Elect, sending him two tweets for the holiday. You would think that, after ten months of tweets, the two would share some kind of connection, and Trump would at least tweet at Slott to wish him a Happy Holidays. Bewilderingly, that was not the case.





Not only has President Trump refused to answer Dan Slott's question about how he will replace Obamacare, but he has not answered the question satisfactorily anywhere, presumably as part of this ongoing snub. Is there no length Trump will not go to in order to avoid Dan Slott?

Perhaps feeling frustrated by the lack of response — and who can blame him, honestly — Slott requested that Twitter delete Trump's account.

But you know what doesn't cost anything? Replying to even one of a Marvel Comics writer's tweets, Trump!



At this point, Slott took a full week off from trying to capture the president's attention. However, when Valentines Day rolled around this week, the loneliness of unrequited Twitter love appeared to take hold, as Slott reengaged with renewed vigor:

Slott has tweeted at Trump six times so far today alone, and Trump still refuses to acknowledge him:

There are a lot of things to criticize President Trump about: his executive orders, his trolling cabinet appointments, his lack of substance on issues, his ties to Russia, his boorish behavior, etc. But worst of all of those things, perhaps, is a lack of basic human civility in continuing to ignore someone who has been trying to talk to him for the better part of a year.

Do the right thing, Donald Trump. Reply to Dan Slott. You can't run from him forever.

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