DC Comics' Blood Moon… Is Not Blood Moon

For a few months, Bleeding Cool has been reporting on what we originally called the DC Band-Aid. That's he upcoming project edited by Dan DiDio and Marie Javins in which a bunch of creators, some new or rare to DC, will write two-part stories pitting various multiversal characters against the other – including some from the Pre-52, with a weekly series running through the two months. Prepared in advance, it is intended that this bevy of books will help DC through the move from New York to Burbank.

At San Diego Comic Con, we reported that we'd heard it was called Blood Moon. We were not alone, Heidi MacDonald also called it "officially".

And last week's issue of New 52: Futures End seemed to back that up.

Image (32)

The thing is, it's not official. It is not called Blood Moon.

I don't know what it's called, but Blood Moon it is not. Maybe we'll find out at NYCC.

For now, time to go back to calling it the Band-Aid.

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