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DC Future State Gossip: Tim Fox, The Next Batman, What Of His Family?

Time to look at the Next Batman, Tim Fox and the rest of the Fox family, ahead of the DC Comics' Future State event, starting on Jan 6th 2021. Because DC Comics will be running a two-month event, Future State, looking at potential and possible futures for the DC Universe, their most prominent characters and their successors. Originally planned as the ongoing nature for these titles as 5G or Generation Five, it was truncated into two months instead. However, it is notable that some aspects will be continuing over from Future State into the DC Comics Omniverse, from March. So what do we know of Tim Fox and the rest of the Foxes?

DC Comics Confirms That Tim Fox Is The Next Batman
Tim Fox as The Next Batman – Credit: DC Comics

Well, Bleeding Cool has heard a few things about Future State that may suggest what else is to come. We may be talking a fair bit about that today on this Future State link.

  • Tim Fox is the original son of Lucius Fox from pre-Crisis continuity and recently returned to join Luke Fox and Tamra Fox as grown-up children of Lucius Fox and Tanya Fox.
  • We are told with a broader perspective, that Tim Fox as Batman truly saves Gotham, something Bruce Wayne could not do. But how do we get there?
  • Well, first up, Tim Fox does not like to be called Tim, or Timothy, but Jace.
  • As Batman, he is fully face-masked as The Magistrate of Gotham in the Future State uses facial recognition monitoring cameras. He wields golden shuriken. And in Vol, has his own Oracle.
  • All of this is happening in the light of something terrible happening to his sister, Tamara, putting her in a coma, that is related to superheroes and super-heroics, which give Tim Fox – sorry, Jace – an even greater reason to avoid his mother's suspicions.
  • It probably doesn't help that Lucius Fox provides technology to Mayor Nakama and the same police trying to take the Next Batman down – he is number one on their most-wanted list. You will hear that a lot. While Tanya Fox is providing legal counsel to Nakama to defend the "shoot on sight" policy taken by Gotham police to Batman, and other masked individuals still operating in Gotham. And it's her job to make taking down the Next Batman more legally defensible than what happened to Bruce Wayne.
  • As for Luke Fox? Well, he's just been arrested because he used to be Batwing and is currently being kept in a police transport van with Grifter. So that won't be for long then.
A Better Look At The Next Batman For DC Future State in 2021
Tim Fox as The Next Batman – Credit: DC Comics

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