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Batman Vs Robin - Damian Wayne Vs Luke Fox: The 5G Files Chapter Nine
Welcome to The 5G Files, Damian Wayne Vs Luke Fox, Chapter Nine. In 2022, it was planned as part of the 5G promotion, for Damian Wayne to feel betrayed and abandoned by his father, Bruce Wayne's retirement from Gotham to move to England So instead, Damian Wayne, aged 16 after 5G, would choose a path to follow[...]
All Rights Reserved. Although you've been staring as Luke Fox for all these seasons now, you take on a new challenge this week as a director of what I think fans are going to decide is the defining episode of at least this season "Broken Toys." My favorite parts are all the nods and Easter eggs[...]
Batwoman Star Camrus Johnson on Ruby Rose: "A Lot of Lies Were Spread"
October 21, 2021 / 6:17 pm ET Update: In a series of tweets from the Batwoman star during late Wednesday-early Thursday, Camrus Johnson (Luke Fox) also appeared to call out ex-co-star Ruby Rose while briefly commenting on Rose's allegations from early on Wednesday "But yea fam, she [Rose] was fired And it is VERY hard[...]
Damian Wayne Would Have Been The Big Bad Of The 5G DC Universe
Who was not the new Batman, Luke Fox was And yes, back then, it was going to be Luke Fox and not Tim Fox, just as we originally heard Damian Wayne was instead echoing the actions of his grandfather instead, Ra's Ah Ghul, accomplishing everything Ghul failed at, and in the process becoming the new[...]
To stop the madness that Black Mask (Peter Outerbridge) unleashed upon Gotham, Ryan (Javicia Leslie) will need the entire Bat Team to save that day- and that means Camrus Johnson's Luke Fox will be suiting up as the armored hero Batwing While the costume was officially revealed earlier this month, The CW released a promo[...]
Batwoman Season 2: David Ramsey on John Diggle/Luke Fox; E16 Preview
To say that life is about to change in a big way for Luke Fox (Camrus Johnson) would be an understatement now that we've officially seen him in his Batwing costume- but the road to get there won't be an easy one Having given in to the idea of moving on into the afterlife, Luke[...]
The CW's Arrowverseis about to add another hero to its ranks, with The CW released two first-looks at Camrus Johnson's Luke Fox suited up as the armored hero Batwing- set to debut during the second season of the Javicia Leslie-starring Batwoman Stemming from the creative mind of costume designer Maya Mani, the costume officially answers[...]
Batwing Omnibus Cancelled, Replaced By Batwing: Luke Fox TPB
However, checking back in, it seems to have been kicked off the schedule and into the long grass. Instead, it appears that it will be replaced by a Batwing: Luke Fox trade paperback, collecting #19 to #34, which is when Luke Fox, son of Lucius Fox, and brother of The Next Batman, Tim Fox, took over[...]
Batwoman Star Camrus Johnson Talks Luke Fox, Possible Batwing Future
While the east coast is only a short time away from "Arrive Alive," this update on The CW's Batwoman actually looks back to last week's episode to kick things off- with the focus on Camrus Johnson's Luke Fox and if he's one step close to spending more time in the field (and two steps closer to[...]
Dark Detective Future State Spoilers
So what did Lucius have to sign to spare him and his work? Future State: Dark Detective #3 Well, it looks like it's not just Jason Todd betraying his friends, Luke Fox is doing the same, giving Huntress over to the Magistrate and tricking bodyguard/mercenary Grifter in the process. Bruce Wayne and Tim Fox in Future State: Dark[...]
Batwoman cast members discuss the second season. (Images: The CW)
On the other hand, there's the mystery surrounding the MIA Kate (hey, we didn't get a body) and how her absence impacts those once close to her (like Camrus Johnson's Luke Fox)- and how it looks to bring a war to the streets of Gotham between Alice (Rachel Skarsten) and Safiyah (Shivaani Ghai). Batwoman cast members[...]
Next Batman #2
That his younger son Luke Fox is keeping his Batwing life still a secret from Lucius, but was still picked up by the Peacekeepers That his wife, Tanya, was working as a lawyer for Mayor Nakano And that Tim Fox – Jace Fox – was Batman The next Batman Okay, that was made clear by[...]
DC Comics Future State Week Two
It's the kind of display you also see in today's Robin Eternal, with Jason Todd also having issues with The Magistrate. DC Future State: Robin Eternal #1 It may be a fascist superstate, with Peacekeepers running Cybers, artificial lifeforms and drones to take down the masked vigilantes of Gotham, but they sure are pretty. DC Future State: Dark[...]
DC Future State Gossip: Tim Fox, The Next Batman, What Of His Family?
We may be talking a fair bit about that today on this Future State link. Tim Fox is the original son of Lucius Fox from pre-Crisis continuity and recently returned to join Luke Fox and Tamra Fox as grown-up children of Lucius Fox and Tanya Fox. We are told with a broader perspective, that Tim Fox as[...]
More Omnibuses Coming In September 2021 From Marvel and DC
The adventure then moves to Gotham City when David retires as Batwing, and the Dark Knight himself gives a new version of the Batwing costume to Luke Fox, young son of Wayne Enterprises' executive Lucius Fox — and this young hero quickly gets swept up into the Bat-family's struggle against the Court of Owls Collects[...]
A Better Look Under The Next Batman's Cowl For DC Future State
And that the new Batman would be the son of Lucius Fox – Luke Fox we presumed at the time. Then everything changed, DC Comics publisher Dan DiDio and instigator of 5G was fired, and 5G was canned, some of the planned material truncated and reassigned to the already-planned two-month editorial gap ahead of the 5G,[...]
Batman #313 Rockets On eBay After Joker War Zone Timothy Fox Rumours
But the word in yesterday's Joker War Zone story by John Ridley and Olivier Coipel that we may see a return to continuity of Timothy Fox, the son of Lucius Fox that Luke Fox replaced in the current continuity – and the possibility he may be the new Batman in Ridley's upcoming series rather than[...]
The Return Of Lucius Fox's Other Son, Tim Fox, in 2020
That series saw his son Luke Fox take the role of Batwing Fox's daughter Tam was also introduced in the New 52 series Red Robin.  The alternative future story shown in Batgirl: Futures End in 2014 showed Tiffany grow up to be a protege of Barbara Gordon, one of several women to use the Batgirl[...]
DC Comics 2021 Spoilers: How Catwoman Changes The Future Of Batman
Lucius Fox, the tech designer for Wayne Foundation and for Batman, memorably played by Morgan Freeman in the movies, and father of Luke Fox, Batwing – and to be a new Batman in John Ridley's upcoming 5G series. How will Bruce Wayne – and Batman – operate now that someone else holds the purse strings? Not that[...]
A look at Batwoman season 1 (Image: The CW)
How do we know that? Well, we actually don't- but Leslie's co-stars Nicole Kang (Mary Hamilton) and Camrus Johnson (Luke Fox) know How do Kang and Johnson know? Because they're back on set for the first day of filming for the second season, and the network was kind enough to share a message from both[...]
No, Luke Fox is Not The New Batman in Joker War Zone #1
Is Luke Fox the new Batman?" Well, Bleeding Cool can answer that for them According to our sources, no The story in question by John Ridley and Olivier Coipel looks at the fallout of the Joker War, and specifically that due to the Fox family, but no, Luke Fox remains Batwing – in this Joker War[...]
Batwing #19 and #20 Sell For $1000 on eBay After DC Black Batman News
The show suggested what we had also been claiming, that it would be Luke Fox, the second Batwing. When we ran the original story, that would have been the status quo for the entire DC Universe, and the series would have been the main ongoing Batman monthly, relaunching after Batman #100 with a new Batman #101,[...]
Finally, A Black Batman? John Ridley, Nick Derington and DC Fandome
In September 2019, Bleeding Cool first reported that DC Comics was to give us a new black Batman to replace Bruce Wayne in the comic books., and then learnt it would be Luke Fox, son of Lucius Fox We then learnt it would be would be written by John Ridley, screenwriter of 12 Years A[...]
Jim Lee Confirms a Black Batman For 2021 at DC Fandome
Which, given Ridley's comments regarding how it will explore the Lucius Fox character, adds greater weight to our original reports from last year that Luke Fox, son of Lucious Fox, will be the new Batman. Screencap from DC Fandome. Now, this looks like it will no longer be the line-wide change to Batman that was originally planned[...]