All 64 Designs For The X-Men's Hellfire Gala This Summer

Today sees the launch of the Hellfire Gala with the Official Guide. Even though it's meant to be free, people are paying a fiver on eBay fight now, with more to come. And in Cable #10, even Cyclops is getting down with Emma Frost's plans. With Jumbo Carnation assuring him it will all be okay…

All 64 Designs For The X-Men
Cable #10

As the Official Guide tells us, "Krakoa's best and brightest strut down the proverbial runway boasting the most fabulous fashions the young island-nation has to offer. Bold colors match bold attitudes, and mutant pride shines through as many use their own powers to accessorize. Even the green carpet itself is an homage to the humble blue-and-yellow outfits where it all began."

With Emma Frost holding a press conference, in Manhattan's Fashion District., talking to Ben Urich and telling him "We're approaching midsummer. It's always appropriate for a party, and it's been a rough year for the planet. The dreadful attack from space that blocked the sun for so long…now it's our turn to be radiant" and defending her decision to invite the likes of Doctor Doom and other aggressive heads of state, saying "What can I say? I like a man in a mask. Please understand: the Hellfire Gala is an affair of state. I suppose we could have rented a ballroom in some dingy hotel somewhere and served fast food, but that sounds dreadful. We can do something very special, and so we will. The solstice this year will be an evening to celebrate mutant arts and culture and to meet old friends and hopefully make new ones."

We mentioned the focus on Colossus yesterday as he started trending on Twitter. Mystique, Raven Darkholme also gets a spread, and we do wonder if the truth about Destiny being revived, as teased in The Way Of X #1, might come to the fore?

All 64 Designs For The X-Men
Hellfire Gala Official Guide

"Those Krakoan fibers in shades of blue and white arranged in the House of Carnation's signature asymmetry beg the question — where does the shape end and the shape-shifter begin? Not feathers, not corn silk, but something else. Careful to those who reach out to touch her plumage — we don't know how much is the lady herself. Nothing is an accident with Jumbo's work –the shadows that fall on the gown's wearer are as much a part of the ensemble as the boning or buttons. Ms. Darkholme attends unaccompanied — "For now," she says, a threat always in her voice."

All 64 Designs For The X-Men
Hellfire Gala Official Guide

As well as for Manifold… telling us the outfit is "taking nods from his First Australian heritage and mixing them with a touch of classic science fiction, in a mix of lush royal orange and sizzling rocket ship silver. Interlocking circles create a sneaky X motif that suggests Eden's just as at home on Krakoa — or 22,000 miles above it — as he is in Avengers Mansion or a Wakandan palace. One thing's for sure — the Everywhere Man's look will be everywhere this summer."

Here's a look at 64 outfits from the Official Guide – as well as a note that Marvel may be publishing the designs in a glossy book at some point. I think Cyclops will be happy with Jumbo for this one. But as we noted in New Mutants #17, not everyone has to play.



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