DC's Entire Digital Library Now on DC Universe For $2 Cheaper Than Marvel Unlimited

Just a few weeks after testing the waters by releasing their entire Bronze and Silver age catalog on the DC Universe app, DC Comics has just made their entire collection of digitized comics available as promised for subscribers. Well, almost their entire catalog. As previously reported, the comics do not include imprints like Vertigo, Milestone, or Black Label, or comics that remain "valuable" to retailers like The Killing Joke. But it's still over 21,000 DC comics available to read at your leisure, with new issues becoming available 12 months after release (and old issues becoming available as they're digitized).

In a press release, DC Universe Senior Vice President and General Manager Sam Ades said:

DC UNIVERSE is so much more than great video content; it's a portal to dive deep into the ever-expanding stories and art of comics. The ultimate digital comic book library deepens that engagement and discovery by giving fans even more access to the multiverse of DC. Given the expansiveness of the additional digital comic books we're adding, we are excited to include more tools and recommendations to help fans jump in and explore their DC UNIVERSE.

While DC Chief Creative Officer and Publisher Jim Lee said:

We are always looking for new ways to deliver our comics and reach the widest possible audience. The addition of more than 80 years of iconic Super Hero storytelling to DC UNIVERSE creates a seamless experience where fans can jump from their favorite DC show right into the comic it's based on. Our goal was to create the ultimate digital comics library and we've done that with this DC UNIVERSE expansion.

Here's the features DC is touting for the new "Ultimate Digital Comic Book Library":

  • Access to more than 21,000 comics
  • Native, untethered access brings DC UNIVERSE to your living room without the need for additional cords or adapters
  • Reader features that allow you to lean-back and read comics in page mode, or autoplay comics panel by panel
  • Fine-tuned controls that allow for zooming in and navigating artwork to see fine detail in high resolution
  • The ability to pick up wherever you left off with cloud bookmarks
  • Download capabilities for offline reading if you are on the go
  • Access to curated editorial collections that tie back to current video offerings or lets you create your own collections via personal playlists

That last feature is a killer one, one that's long been missing on the Marvel Unlimited app. In fact, between personal playlists, the lower price ($7.99 vs $9.99), and the fact that you can watch DC movies, TV shows, and cartoons as well, it's hard not to see the DC Universe App as far superior in value to Marvel Unlimited, despite Marvel Unlimited's massive head start.

Of course, the quality of the comics themselves will remain a matter of personal preference. Check out DC's video announcement below:

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