Death Or Impairment? Spoilers For Civil War The Movie, Civil War II The Comic And How They Reflect Each Other

civil-war-II-cover-96a7eThere are spoilers here for both Captain America: Civil War and upcoming comic Civil War II. As well as this there is also rampant speculation about how they came about. You have been warned.

So. A few months ago, Bleeding Cool ran purported spoilers from the Neogaf forums from an individual who claimed to have read the script for Civil War II #1.

He gave plenty of details, including that both She Hulk and War Machine had died and that the MacGuffin, the Inhuman who can see the future, was called Homer – though the poster didn't seem to get the classical reference.


This week sees the release of the Civil War II Free Comic Book Day prelude. FCBD books have to have their content locked down a long time in advance and printing a million of them also has a lead time. The comic seems to show both the death of She-Hulk and War Machine.


But the Inhuman is called Ulysses.

cw 2d

It is possible, and this is where the speculation comes in, that writer Brian Bendis was able to change the name of the character to Ulysses after the leaks were published. And to keep She Hulk from dying with a word balloon.

cw2 b

But nothing else could be changed.

However, for Civil War II #0 and Civil War II #1, there was far more wiggle room in terms of what could be changed on the page before publication. Months worth.

We understand that She-Hulk is comatose, but War Machine is dead.


This also links thematically to the Captain America: Civil War movie, in which War Machine is taken down by an accidental blast from the Vision, and loses the use of his legs. Here She-Hulk is taken down by an accidental missile from War Machine. Brian Bendis was part of the Marvel Creative Committee, and Captain America; Civil War was the last movie that group directly influenced before Kevin Feige dropped them from having any influence on the movies.

Either way, War Machine is out of commission.

But as for She Hulk, was this a change made after the NeoGaf spoilers? Or could that original poster have gotten details wrong in the reading? Is it possible that every detail may have been changed so as to discredit those original leaks? Is this Armageddon 2001 all over again?


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