Destiny 2: The Witch Queen Is Being Released Q1 2022

Bungie threw a special livestream today revealing all the new content coming in 2022 for Destiny 2 as the next expansion will be The Witch Queen. This new expansion is the latest chapter in Destiny 2's ongoing Light & Darkness saga, which they intend to continue in 2023 with the release of Lightfall. The company also revealed that the final chapter of the Light & Darkness saga will be called The Final Shape, but no word on a timeframe for that to come out. This next release, set to come out on February 22nd, 2022, will have you exploring a brand-new destination in Savathûn's Throne World where you will face the queen herself and her Lucent Brood – Hive enemies, who are infused with the same Light that powers Guardians. This will also introduce the new mechanice of having a weapon crafting feature. We have more details for you below along with a few videos to show off from today's stream.

Destiny 2: The Witch Queen Is Being Released Q1 2022
Credit: Bungie

For years, Savathûn's schemes have unfolded, as she has assumed the identities of trusted allies and woven a web of lies that has spanned the galaxy. With the upcoming launch of Destiny 2: The Witch Queen, Guardians will learn the truth behind her infernal plans and face a challenge unlike any they've encountered before: Enemies who are infused with the very Light that Guardians hold dear.

  • Weapons and Crafting: With the new weapon crafting feature, for the first time in Destiny's history players will be able to forge weapons, complete with unique combinations of mods, shaders, and advanced stats. Guardians will also wield a new weapon type – the Glaive, Destiny's introduction to a first-person melee weapon, which will be capable of powerful melee attacks, mid-range blasts, and shielding its wielder.
  • The Throne World: A twisted wonderland of corruption and splendor, Savathûn's Throne World plays host to a fragile balance of terrifying power. Guardians will explore this brand-new destination and uncover the mysteries that reside in both the Darkness and the Light.
  • Lucent Brood: Aim down sights at enemies who are infused with Light – the same Light that powers Guardians – complete with sinister abilities at once familiar and terrifying.
  • New Activities: The Witch Queen brings new challenges, including a new six-player matchmade activity, a new raid set in the heart of a sunken Pyramid ship, and more.

With Bungie's 30th anniversary approaching, today's showcase also revealed the first details of Bungie's 30th anniversary celebration plans, including the first look at the celebratory content arriving in Destiny 2 this December. In addition to free content available to all players inspired by games from the studio's past, Bungie also announced the upcoming Bungie 30th Anniversary Pack for Destiny 2, which will feature a new treasure-themed dungeon inspired by the "Loot Cave" from the original Destiny, new weapons and armor inspired by Bungie games of yore, and more.

Finally, today's showcase showed off details of Season of the Lost, which launches today and acts as the narrative precursor to the events of The Witch Queen, featuring new activities, a new Exotic quest, and much moreCoinciding with the launch of Season of the Lost, players will be able to take advantage of Destiny 2's new Cross Play feature, uniting Guardians to take on challenges together across platforms.

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