Diamond Select Toys Expand Star Trek, Domo, Universal Monsters and More

Hannah Means-Shannon writes for Bleeding Cool:

Zach Oat and Chuck Terciera hosted the Diamond Select Toys panel at SDCC to give glimpses of soon to be released products, some based on new properties, and many from continuing lines. There will be more of the stuff you love, with a few surprises to make you rejigger your budget at your local comic shops or via a few exclusives at Toys R Us.


Firstly, Domo is triumphant! Diamond will be releasing the Domo bank, the silicon ice-tray with "9 small Domos of ice" or whatever you manage to fill the containers with (use your imagination here).

Lady Death will appear in a second statue.

The Ghost Busters light up statue line will continue with a fire house model. There will also be a larger Stay Pufft prototype is in motion, 20 inches tall.

Night Rider will be offered as a kit, electronic and 1/15 scale. Contains additional lights and sounds based on the show. Kit dialogue will be included. Afterwards a car with its own unique dialogue will be released.

Lost in Space will take a spotlight in development around the Robbie the Robot figure, still very hush-hush.

Silicon ice trays for Marvel are continuing. There's already a Spider-Man version, but it will be followed by Iron Man (yellow) and Thor's Hammer (blue).

Marvel Legends and Marvel Select figures will appear based on the movie version of Wolverine with three sets of hands and heads, released in September (shirts are not included for extra buffness).

Silver Surfer will have a board that fits into his base and is removable, with optional poses on his base.

Thor: The Dark World will have three figures, including a rock base Thor, and a Jane Foster figure in rather Asgardian clothes.

An Infinity Gauntlet bottle opener in solid metal is coming soon. There will also be Deadpool bottle openers too, and a Venom head, all solid metal.

The Munsters are doing well, and series 3 is being released for fall in plenty of time for Halloween. Several will be available at Toys R Us, but some will only be in comics stores. The family staircase with "spot" will be a select figure. A new version of the Munster's car will be coming out, now in glow and the dark.

For Star Trek, the Excelsior will be the next release, with the voice of Captain Sulu with lights and sound effects. Things are getting close to a reissue of Enterprise A.

Star Trek select figures will include Picard and a dismembered Borg in 7 scale. A line of Star Trek vinyl banks are coming, starting with Spock and moving on to Kirk at

10". Tribbles are currently available under re-issue, with "cooing" and "agitated moves".  The first Star Trek silicone tray with Enterprise D and Starfleet C is available for pre-order.

Star Wars will also feature a Clone Wars bank that's close to shipping, with three different options. Darth Maul is coming up soon after, at 9-10" tall. Star Wars bottle openers are continuing, including Darth Vader, Bobba Fett.

The Walking Dead is lurching into distribution, with a black and white edition of a zombie bust on a Walking Dead base, and soon that'll be followed by a version of Rick looking rather badass. A one-eyed zombie bottle opener, as well as a "pet zombie" version are coming soon.

Universal Monsters will feature Doctor Jekyll and Mr. Hyde with interchangeable head and hands with clothing accessories. After that, there'll be a Mr. Hyde with a rooftop base. The Hunchback of Notre Dame will be out before Halloween, and Toys R Us will have an exclusive Mole Person. A third series, legacy and box set, will contain some of last year's released like Phantom of the Opera and The Invisible Man.

Vinyl bust banks of monsters will be released this year, Bride of Frankenstein and Wolfman, in full color. The next retro figures will be Phantom of the Opera and Moon Mutant in cloth costumes.

The Aliens film will be prompting some "vehicle-based products" and housewares, but that's all we know so far.

Questions for Diamond spun on mini-mates, a few prompts on Domo products.  Fans took the opportunity to compliment Diamond on the Star Trek products that have come out so far on quality and accuracy. The line-up definitely suggested cautious expansion of successful lines, a reconsideration of items that haven't sold as well, and an enthusiasm for upcoming releases. The Excelsior Star Trek ship was probably the most buzzed product in the audience, and Oat and Terciera yielded to showing video of its light and sound effects, including simulation of space flight on its stand (sadly it didn't warp to another planet on the video, but that would be a cool extra feature). Captain Sulu's voice featured on the audio was pretty amusing for all.

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