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"Watchmen" – Dr. Manhattan: God… Hero… Creepy Stalker? [OPINION]

The first season of HBO's Watchman is over and people are raving about it as one of the best series of the year. To me, the show, no matter how good, is an "unauthorized sequel" that was made against the wishes of its original co-creator. To his credit, showrunner Damon Lindelof knows that genre fiction […]

"Watchmen": Watch Us Turn Into Doctor Manhattan at SDCC

"Watchmen": Watch Us Turn Into Doctor Manhattan at SDCC 2019

Yes, now you yourself can put yourself in the shoes of Doctor Manhattan himself.[gallery columns="2" size="large" ids="1063590,1063591,1063592,1063593,1063594,1063595,1063596,1063587"]Once you enter and walk up to the striking blue booth with vintage-style posters, you step inside and learn a little more about Jonathan Osterman Then, after some prompting you stand back, and you will go through the same[...]

Doomsday Clock #5 cover by Gary Frank and Brad Anderson

Doomsday Clock #5 Review: There Was a Plot Here at Some Point

Sure, we're looking for Doctor Manhattan, but the reason, consequences, and actual search have all gone missing At least the issue about the new Rorschach at least felt like it was about something, even if it was a massive tangent.Geoff Johns is usually a great writer While a lot of his New 52 Justice League[...]

Doomsday Clock #4 cover by Gary Frank and Brad Anderson

Doomsday Clock #4 Review: An Unneeded and Unwanted Origin Issue

Yes, I’m aware that this corresponds to the profile on Doctor Manhattan from Watchmen #4, but we didn’t know anything really about Manhattan at that point beyond his powers and how others perceived him Plus, the entire story rested on his intent since he is, you know, effectively a god.You see, merely picking up the[...]

Doomsday Clock Wave of Figures Coming From DC Collectibles

They will be packed as follows:-Ozymandias and Doctor Manhattan-Rorschach and Mime-The Comedian and Marionette[gallery columns="2" size="large" ids="793350,793352"]Gah, WHY DID THEY NOT PACK MARIONETTE WITH MIME!?!?!?!?! I mean, I know why- money But man, that is a weird decision to make Those two need to be together, and to pack them separately feels a little douchy[...]

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Doomsday Clock Speculation: Is Doctor Manhattan Posing as a DC Superhero?

Doomsday Clock #2 from DC Comics by Geoff Johns, Gary Frank, and Brad Anderson comes out and continues the ongoing mystery of just what is the connection of the Watchmen world and the DC Universe — and what is Doctor Manhattan doing Well, Johns may have added another wrinkle to this mystery with this issue.In[...]

Doomsday Clock #2 cover by Gary Frank and Brad Anderson

Doomsday Clock #2 Review: The Two World Meet

[rwp-review-recap id="0"]We are given the reason why Ozymandias chose the Mime and the Marionette for his hunt for Doctor Manhattan with a tale of a bank robbery Then, the four use the Owlship to follow the trail left behind by Manhattan They arrive in a similar world However, this world has more superheroes than their[...]

Doomsday Clock cover by Gary Frank and Brad Anderson

Doomsday Clock #1 Review: Amazing Art, Slow Yet Intriguing Plot

There’s almost a gender-flipped Joker and Harley chemistry between them, except the Mime isn’t insufferable nor is his ass hanging out.The bigger reveals in the last third or so: Rorschach working for Ozymandias, their intent to search out Doctor Manhattan, Superman’s appearance and subsequent nightmare, are intriguing if not too shocking[...]

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Another Take On Doomsday Clock #1's November 22nd Opening Date From Watchmen

Manhattan who has been messing with Superman and Batman’s respective fathers, including Jor-El posing as Mister Oz and kidnapping Doomsday.So, there’s stuff.But one aspect of the November 22nd date hasn’t been picked up on until now: November 22nd is also the date in which Dr Manhattan was created, returning to life as the result of[...]

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Game Of Thrones Actor Based Bran Performance On Watchmen's Doctor Manhattan

We had a chat about how we wanted to play Bran this season, and they suggested Doctor Manhattan from the Watchmen comic Bran was slightly based on that, existing in all these different times at once, knowing all these various things, being this emotionless rock connecting these different timelines and the history of the universe[...]

Could Our New, Hopeful Superman Be Sacrificed To Watchmen And The Doomsday Clock?

“As for my artistic approach to the series, each panel is extremely detailed and I am constantly thinking through the position of every single element.”Well, how is that for an announcement to break late on a Sunday night? Doomsday Clock is coming, and according to Geoff Johns, it will mainly focus on two people: Superman[...]