If Donald Trump Wins, Will DC Comics Still Draw The Line At $2.99?

So, America is having an election. For President and all sorts of other things too. Most comic book creators and prominent individuals who have expressed views openly are voting for Clinton, even Frank Miller, while a few such as Isaac Perlmutter, Steve Geppi and Jim Steranko are voting Trump. I am aware of a few more, but they keep their views private. One expressed to me that they would never reveal their political affiliations whatever they were, so as not to potentially put off any of their fanbase.

Of course, I'm not sure if I could say anything that would put anyone off me further, so here goes.

I'm British, I don't have any vote, though odds are I'll be affected in some way by the results. To be frank, if the new President is a racist, xenophobic, corrupt, satanist, lying, crooked, fraudulent, harassing, robotic, moronic, bankrupt bully or not, probably won't affect me much. I just thought it was about the economy, stupid. It seems not.

Looking at all the data dispassionately, I can't help but see a win for Trump creeping in, despite the poll results. There's something itching at the back of my neck, saying that Trump has done a much better at getting out the disaffected voter, the one who usually doesn't vote at all, and who is, understandable, poorly represented by polling systems as a result. Add to that dissatisfaction with the Democrat candidate Clinton from the party faithful could lead to a reduced motivation to vote, knocking off a significant percentage. I get the same itch as when I saw the Sunderland vote in the Brexit campaign and realised it was all over.

Talking of Brexit, and Trump likes to, even though Britain hasn't actually left the European Union, and won't do for at least 2 1/2 years, the pound slumped. Inflation is up, and goods services are looking at a 10-20% increase in prices across the board. And yes, American comics cost a lot more now. But my salary, paid in US dollars, has gone up. I'm a net benefactor of Brexit. Most people here are not. In fact, a store over here, next to a local comic shop, 30th Century Comics in Putney, just put up this sign.


The US market looks like it will respond very unfavourably to a Trump win. They can handle a Clinton win, they know what to expect it, but Trump's unpredictability has spooked the market. If he wins, in all likelihood, the dollar will slump. So American comics will cost less in the UK – but since printing is often done internationally in the US, prices will likely go up in the US. And inflation, something that hasn't been around much of late, will come back with a vengeance all over the place.

That's not an ideological response, it's just a practical one. If you want DC Comics to hold the line at $2.99, you may have to hold your nose and vote for Clinton.

Also, maybe avoid that messy nuclear conflict with Korea. You never know.

Thanks to TP for a typo check.

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