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Dave Petersen Returns To Mouse Guard in July
Dave Petersen is returning to his Mouse Guard series from Boom Studios in July with Mouse Guard: The Owlhen Caregiver one-shot. Which of life's biggest lessons can be learned from the smallest amongst us? A young mouse learns that compassion and kindness are the great virtues in The Owlhen Caregiver Meanwhile, Piper the Listener finds a brave mouse venturing into[...]
BOOM! Studios and Netflix collaborated on a tie-in to The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance, courtesy of BOOM! Studios and Netflix.
BOOM! has close to 20 movies and TV shows in development currently, with a publishing background that includes a number of best-selling Eisner Award-winning and fan-beloved comic book franchises, including Lumberjanes, Something is Killing the Children, Once & Future, and Mouse Guard (which was greenlit as a film before being shelved by Disney in 2019). BOOM![...]
'Mouse Guard' Film Stopped By Disney 2 Weeks Before Production Start
Sounds like fans of Mouse Guard are going to have to wait awhile longer for the possible film project to happen, as Fox's new parent company Disney has halted the start of production indefinitely We say indefinitely because according to The Hollywood Reporter, the word is in fact "scrapped". THR says that just two weeks before Mouse Guard[...]
Perhaps it's just the style that maybe elevates it above simple blocked colours and suchlike. It's that style that means that Bolivar probably won't be a hard purchase, because it's just a lovely, gorgeous slab of a hardcover, made in Archaia fashion, straight after Mouse Guard Purely on the thick paper stock and matte cover alone that'd do[...]
Snow Blind: Fox Lands Boom! Studios' Ollie Masters/Tyler Jenkins Graphic Novel For Series
Expectations are particularly high for Mouse Guard (David Petersen); which has Wes Ball (The Maze Runner) set to direct a script from Gary Whitta (Rogue One: A Star Wars Story), with Matt Reeves (Batman) producing.  Adaptations of Irredeemable (Mark Waid/Peter Krause), with Adam McKay (The Big Short) attached to direct Tommy Wirkola's (What Happened to[...]
BOOM! Studios #RoadtoSanDiego Announcement #9: A Mouse Guard Movie!
David Petersen's hit series Mouse Guard from Archaia is becoming a movie! This may be the most exciting news yet, well at least it is for the fangirl inside of me I adore the series, and it looks like it's going to be getting the same treatment that the recent Jungle Book movie did this year[...]
A David Petersen Fall: Wind in the Willows & A Mouse Guard Collection
Yes, there will also be a Mouse Guard coloring book to look forward to, but there's more! While the leaves are falling we'll be grabbing tons of Petersen works A very exciting hardcover collection will be releasing in November in box set form. While the Legends of the Guard tales feature some beloved characters there is a premise[...]
There's Still Time To Pre-Order Mouse Guard's Lieam & Sadie Plush
David Petersen tweeted to followers yesterday that there's limited time to grab the Mouse Guard plush, and you're not going to want to pass these up Take a look… The Lieam & Sadie plush from @SkeltonCrew are limited & only 6 days left to order: — David Petersen (@mouseguard) May 26, 2016 You can pre-order them separately if you[...]
"This Is Also A Bucket List Project For Me" David Petersen Talks The Wind In The Willows
Since its first publication in 1908, generations of adults and children have cherished Kenneth Grahame's classic, The Wind in the Willows, now Eisner Award-winning creator of Mouse Guard, David Petersen is taking the reigns. To me, Petersen's art style is so fitting to this story Being a fan of Mouse Guard, it's easy to see the influence The Wind[...]
Mouse Guard Meets Gotham: David Petersen Talks Gotham Academy #17
Much like David Petersen's Mouse Guard Legends of the Guard, this issue will bring together a few different creators to tell their own tales Faith Erin Hicks, Michael Dialynas, and you guessed it…David Petersen are all included in the mix! Today, Petersen shared some of his thoughts on being part of this Gotham Academy issue on[...]
The Mouse Guard World Expands WIth Coloring Books And Plush
Mouse Guard is an incredibly memorable comic from Archaia written and illustrated by David Petersen. Earlier today we got some exciting news on behalf of the series, and it involves crayons and stuffed animals! Yep, that's right…a Mouse Guard coloring book is on the way Some plush will be available too. I have to say, the idea of a coloring book[...]
If It Isn't Weasel War, What Is It? Tell Us David Petersen.
I'm talking to you David Petersen. The wildly talented creator of Mouse Guard has been sharing some progress on social media, but it isn't for Weasel War! When I chatted with him back in October, that was the next project on the list after Wind of the Willows. Whatever it is, I'm sure that it will be great[...]
A "Snowy Valentine" For The David Petersen Fan In Your Life
Mouse Guard creator David Petersen's book Snowy Valentine, just might be the perfect answer for you. I'm a huge fan of Petersen's art style, and the cover of this book alone makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside The story follows Jasper the bunny as he searches the forest valley for a special gift for his loved one[...]
David Petersen Gets Specific About His Wind In The Willows Project — David Petersen (@mouseguard) January 28, 2016 Pretty specific, huh? It's good to know that the project is moving forward, because after this comes more Mouse Guard. That's what we all want! A few days ago, he shared these illustrations which feature a lot of nice detail I mean, look at that butter… Tea & Toast inkwork for chapter8[...]
Build Your Own Mouse Army: A Mouse Guard Paper Craft For Fans
It's not hard to fall in love with David Petersen's epic Mouse Guard tales They're so much to love about the stories, but the character designs are what really drew me in initially Earlier today I discovered a different part of the website, when Petersen tweeted out a few pictures like this. Saxon Papercraft kit available for[...]
A Treat For Fans Of Mouse Guard: 288 Pages Of Sketchbook Greatness
Earlier today, David Petersen shared this: Coming Tomorrow: A Digital 288pg Collection of Mouse Guard Sketchbooks 2004-2015: — David Petersen (@mouseguard) December 28, 2015 The book is said to include commissions, Free Comic Book Day covers & promotions, plus 30 pieces that have never been collected in the sketchbooks[...]
Danish Artist Draws Portrait Of Mouse Guard Creator David Petersen
Therefore, I must live vicariously through attendees who share things on Twitter. I found this tweet by Mouse Guard creator David Petersen, to be particularly interesting. My portrait by a Danish artist I didn't catch the name of at Art Bubble in Denmark — David Petersen (@mouseguard) November 15, 2015 Anyone know who said artist is? They did a damn good job. [...]
The Mouse Guard Roleplaying Game Box Set 2nd Edition Is Out Next Week
Are you a fan of Mouse Guard? Did you know that there's a Mouse Guard Roleplaying Game? Well, there is, and the much-anticipated second edition of the Mouse Guard Roleplaying Game Box Set by David Petersen and Luke Crane is releasing next week This updated edition of the Origins Award-winning game contains new art, additional[...]
NYCC '15: A Chat With Mouse Guard Creator David Petersen
It's impossible to walk past David Petersen's Mouse Guard booth and not stop to look at the amazing selection of work Mouse Guard is celebrating it's 10th anniversary this year, so David has had quite a busy event schedule Thankfully, I was able to chat with him at his booth at NYCC After confessing that[...]
Don't Miss Out On The Art Of Mouse Guard: 2005-2015, Out This Week
Coming up on its 10 year anniversary, The Art of Mouse Guard: 2005-2015 from Archaia, is a celebration of the beautiful world, memorable characters, and intensive artistic process of David Petersen's cherished series This prestige, coffee table hardcover features never-before-seen sketches, 100 oversized pages of full-color artwork, and commentary from Stan Sakai, Karl Kerschl, Katie[...]
Frank Cho Draws Hooters
Those kind of hooters. A watercolor pin-up for David Petersen's Mouse Guard art book published by Baltimore Comic Con On sale at Baltimore Comic Con in September… Yes Those kind of hooters. A watercolor pin-up for David Petersen's Mouse Guard art book published by Baltimore Comic Con On sale at Baltimore Comic Con in September… [...]
Archaia Releases The Art Of Mouse Guard: 2005-2015 Next Month
It's always a good day when there's Mouse Guard news After all, it's my favorite series from Archaia After 10 years of David Petersen's beloved Mouse Guard, it's time for the release of The Art of Mouse Guard: 2005-2015 Though it was previewed early at SDCC, the wider public will soon be able to get[...]
Bring The Tissues For Mouse Guard: Legends Of The Guard Volume 3 #3
Mouse Guard creator David Petersen brings us another excellent group of writers/illustrators this month in Mouse Guard: Legends of the Guard Volume 3 #3 The volume gathers the mice together at a tavern in normal fashion, as they swap stories about their adventures The incentive; the mouse with the best story has their bar tab[...]
Denver Comic Con '15: David Petersen And 10 Years Of Mouse Guard
It is the 10th Anniversary of Mouse Guard, and the reason it continues to endure is evident in David's story telling skill As he reads to the audience, he provides an energetic and unique voice to each of his mice He seems to almost drift away from the room Lost in the adventure he is[...]
Denver Comic Con '15: David Petersen's Turtle Guard
Four Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles prints from Mouse Guard's David Petersen , six inches square on sale at Denver Comic Con today… Turtle Guard anyone? Four Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles prints from Mouse Guard's David Petersen , six inches square on sale at Denver Comic Con today… Turtle Guard anyone? Four Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles prints from Mouse Guard's[...]
This Week's Mouse Guard To Be Destroyed Over Paper Stock
Retailers have been advised that if they received copies of Mouse Guard: Legends of the Guard Vol 3 #3 this week, to not put them on sale. The issue has been misprinted, Boom telling me "Our printer inadvertently used the wrong, thinner paper stock for the cover, which was discovered when the advance copies arrived We're going[...]
Tales Of Bravery In Mouse Guard: Legends Of The Guard Vol. 3 #2
For those of you who don't know, Mouse Guard creator David Petersen has brought a number of other writers/illustrators onto his team for Mouse Guard: Legends of the Guard Volume 3 The volume gathers the mice together at a tavern in normal fashion, as they swap stories about their adventures The incentive; the mouse with[...]