Doom Patrol Shocker: Next Three Issues Delayed, Again

You would think Doom Patrol by Gerard Way and Nick Derington was a Marvel super-mega-crossover event with the amount of times it's been delayed.

Doom Patrol Shocker: Next Three Issues Delayed, Again

Over the past year, Doom Patrol, the flagship book of DC's Young Animal imprint, has had a teeny, tiny little problem. The book can't seem to come out on time. It's been delayed, delayed again, delayed some more, apologized for, cancelled, apologized for again, and resolicited… only to, once again, be delayed.

According to a report from Newsarama, Doom Patrol #9 has been pushed back from September 27th to October 18th (it was originally meant to come out in June). Subsequent issues #9 and #10 have also been pushed back, supposedly to November and December. But what reason do we have to believe they'll really come out then? Statistically, they're more likely to get delayed again then they are to come out on those dates.

Here's the solicit for Doom Patrol #9:

The secret of Terry None (maybe)! The return of old enemies (usually)! Casey eats S**t (again)! Strange babies (possibly)! Ungrateful cats (predictably)! Robotman punches stuff (of course)! Negative Man goes dark (potentially)! New life and anti-life (because)! All of this and none of it happens as reality begins to transform for the Doom Patrol. The stage is being set for the stage to be reset and you're not going to want to miss the ambulance or you'll never get to the theater on time.

Oh, now they're concerned about tardiness?!

A universe-changing Doom Patrol/Justice League crossover by Gerard Way, Steve Orlando, and Aco is supposed to come out this January. We'll just have to see about that.

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