Doomed And Red Hood/Arsenal By Scott Lobdell For DC Comics Relaunch (UPDATE)


Doomed is a new series by Scott Lobdell and Javier Rendandez for the DC June mini-relaunch. Note the title is in the Wicked, Frozen. Tangled mode… teenage Doomsday anyone? Upset that no one understands his desire to kill Superman?

UPDATE: Artist Javier Fernandez has posted the cover and black-and-white to Doomed, saying


To create a character and launch it at DC with one of the writers you follow since you're a child… is something I could't expect to do so soon.With All of you… DOOMED! New DC ongoing series! By Scott Lobdell and me!!!!

So he seems keen.


Also from Scott looks like a new buddy series, Red Hood/Arsenal with Denis Medri and without that pesky female Starfire getting in the way of their bromance. Anyway, Starfire has her own series from Amanda Conner, Jimmy Palmiotti and Emanuella Lupacchino….

You can read up on the rest of DC's June mini-relaunch here.

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