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Where Is Roy Harper In DC Infinite Frontier? (Spoilers)
He went on to become a core member of the Teen Titans but as an adult, casts off his Speedy identity as the superhero Arsenal and later, Red Arrow as he joined the Justice League. Roy Harper, dead in Heroes In Crisis Recently, he died accidentally at the hands of fellow Titan and Justice Leaguer, Wally West,[...]
Titan Comics April 2021 Solicits
And among a new Minky Woodcock series, The Girl Who Electrified Tesla, a new Doctor Who comic starring Missy, Blade Runner Origins and Storyboards, there is also a new graphic novel by Philippe Glogowski about Arsenal football club No, I wasn't expecting that either. Arsenal Football Club Graphic Novel in Titan April 2021 Solicitations ARSENAL GAME WE[...]
EW is reporting exclusively that Colton Haynes' Roy Harper aka Arsenal will be returning to the series To say that there are some serious questions that could be answered by his (as well as Willa Holland's Thea's) return would be an understatement – but with the season tied directly to "Crisis," there are about a[...]
Arsenal is sticking around while Jason heals up After Jason heals up, the two look into a drug trade that recently killed as many as 300 people in the U.S They track the trade back to Suzie Su, and her sisters take offense to Jason and Roy hassling Suzie Su. Red Hood and the Outlaws Annual[...]
Red Hood and the Outlaws #25 cover by Trevor Hairsine and Antonio Fabela
Batman is ready to bring the Red Hood down for good. The ending is also bittersweet and comes with a nice twist. There is something of a back-up tale with the "full" Outlaws lineup (Red Hood, Arsenal, Starfire, Bizarro, Artemis, and Creeper), and it turns out to be a storybook being read by Ma Gunn. Red Hood and[...]
Titans Annual #2 cover by Paul Pelletier, Andrew Hennessy, and Adriano Lucas
The only thing that stands in his way is Arsenal and Donna Troy of the Titans These are gnats unworthy of his time, so he sends Monsieur Mallah to deal with these intruders. Titans Annual #2 cover by Paul Pelletier, Andrew Hennessy, and Adriano Lucas I have rarely been so invested in a comic book relationship as[...]
Nightwing #43 cover by Jorge Jimenez and Alejandro Sanchez
[rwp-review-recap id="0"] Dick Grayson is settling in for a night off when he gets a call from Robin and Arsenal for help from Nightwing in Gotham City They quickly discover that they have stumbled upon a League of Assassins operation led by Cheshire The three quarreling heroes have a long night ahead of them. Nightwing #43 cover[...]
Titans #21 cover by Paul Pelletier, Andrew Hennessy, and Adriano Lucas
[rwp-review-recap id="0"] Monsieur Mallah and the Brain move onto the next phase of their plan, and Arsenal contacts Donna Troy about his experience with Cheshire's drugs from last issue He tells her to tell the Justice League about what he's discovered, but Batman finds no evidence of Roy's claims They worry that he's hit a backslide,[...]
And while we're at it, was the police captain's idea of selling off the confiscated property good or something else Diaz will use against Oliver? So many question. Next week we get an episode called The Thanatos Guild which features the return of Nyssa al Ghul (Katrina Law) who comes to Star City to warn Thea[...]
Roy Harper
Once that got cleared from his system, he became Arsenal and worked with Team Arrow until he sacrificed himself in place of Oliver as the Arrow, going to jail and faking his death He moved on to Bludhaven at one point to start fresh, even though he still loves Thea. Arrow — Photo: Daniel Power/The CW[...]