Dragon*Con: Billy West Dean Cain And Plenty of Cosplay To Go Out On

Bill Meeks reported from Dragon*Con for Bleeding Cool;

Well, the costumes and weapons have been packed and put away, the host hotels have been sprayed down and sanitized to make way for the big Baptist convention that came in on the last day, and thousands of geeks are heading home to their normal lives. Dragon*Con 2012 may be over, but we still have a ton of coverage for you.

First off, here's a little chat I had with Billy West (Futurama, Ren & Stimpy, Skeets on JLU) about comic books, being a geek before it was cool, and what sets Dragon*Con apart from other conventions.


I also attended the Dean Cain panel on Sunday. Not only did we learn that the super-mullet he sported in the first season of Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman was grown via decree from the WB, but he also touched on his thoughts on Superman Returns, The Superman Curse, and what might have happened if the series hadn't met an abrupt end. I excised the most interesting bits for your enjoyment. Please excuse the shaky cam, due to the seat I got I had to balance the tripod on my lap.


I also got the chance to talk to Matt Campagna about his short film D.N.E.: Do Not Erase (which Bleeding Cool premiered an exclusive clip from last week) as well as working with Richard Hatch from Battlestar Galactica. In a pleasant turn the short went on to win Best Sci-Fi Short in the Dragon*Con Film Festival a few hours after our interview. Big congrats to Matt, his cast and crew as well as Casey McKinnon who put me in touch with him. It really is a great short and will be making the festival circuit in the coming months so be sure to check it out if it comes to your area.


Before we get to the final cosplay report I'd like to mention some events I attended that were amazing but I didn't hit in my coverage:

The Diamond Club Party – NSFW Show co-hosts (and sponsors of Bleeding Cool's coverage) Brian Brushwood and Justin Robert Young threw a private party on the 3rd floor of the Ritz Carlton for fans of their podcast. If you follow online tech media at all the familiar names were all there (Tom Merritt, Veronica Belmont, Jonathan Strickland among them). Drinks flowed like spice, and musical acts Andrew Allen and Ali Spagnola delighted the crowd with smooth jazz renditions of Star Trek music and a Power Hour Drinking Game.

DJ Spider – Late Saturday night DJ Spider spun tracks for a rave in the Marriot complete with Dancing cosplayers, grinders on metal bikinis, and plenty of geeky dance music and glow sticks. The Legend of Zelda remix was a personal fave of mine. The party went until about five in the morning, but this reporter thinks it was worth staying for.

Finally, here is a musical montage of cosplayers I filmed throughout the con, including a special appearance by Stan Lee himself! As I said to a friend as the con wrapped up: 'If you didn't see Stan Lee at Dragon*Con this year it's because your Daredevil.'


And here are a ton of pictures straight from Saturday's parade:



Well, that wraps up another year of Dragon*Con coverage here on Bleeding Cool. I want to thank my sponsors, Dragon*Con's Director of Media Reations Dan Carroll and his team, Billy West, Adam West and Burt Ward, Matt Campagna, Patrick Anderers, Jaime Ruiz Avila, Rick Foster, the girls who slapped me, the girl who bit me, the folks at the Blood Drive, and of course our own Rich Johnston for giving me the opportunity to goof around at one of the world's biggest and best geek conventions for the 2nd year running. Here's to 2013!

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