Eisner Awards Voting Suspended as Potential Voter Fraud Investigated

The Eisner committee has temporarily suspended voting on the 2020 Eisner Awards while they investigate potential voter fraud. The website formerly known as Newsarama now operating as a mere puppet of the GamesRadar empire broke the story, obtaining a statement from SDCC executive David Glanzer, who said, "We will make an announcement as we have additional information. We're sorry for the inconvenience to voters." GamesRadar reports that some returning voters, who are all industry professionals, logged into the voting website to find personal information had been changed, prompting the investigation.

Will Eisner Awards Show Live Blog at SDCC 2019

With all the comics industry has been through lately, with the direct market imploding after decades of shoddy business practices made it particularly vulnerable to the coronavirus pandemic, it seems very rude to sully the highest honor in the comics medium with election interference. Couldn't the hackers have waited until next year when things will be back to business as usual with nobody having learned any lessons whatsoever, just like after the speculator crash in the nineties? Couldn't they have picked on a different industry rather than kicking comics when it's down?

Then again, the kind of chaos the industry is in right now might finally be a good opportunity for ol' Jude Terror to get that journalism Eisner I always deserved. They never gave me one back at The Outhousers. Still, I arguably had a banner year after taking Wolverine Two-Dicks Trutherism to the mainstream by exposing and undeniably proving the conspiracy theory that Wolverine has two dicks, one for f**king and one for making love. Hey hackers — show your old pal Jude Terror some love, would you?

But in all seriousness, I hope the Eisner committee can root out any election interference and get the awards back on track as soon as possible. Comics has already suffered a major blow by the fact that San Diego Comic-Con can't take place live. It robs this year's nominees of the opportunity to preen in front of their peers and hobnob with the comics elite while pretending to be humbled by praise awarded them for excellence in their craft. Hopefully, the election hackers are brought to justice, and by justice I mean they should be ridiculed for trying to cheat at comics awards. Who would do something as dumb and pointless as that?

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