"Enough About This Smother Fudger!" Thoughts On I Hate Fairyland #8

With every new issue of I Hate Fairyland comes a new reason to put this comic at the top of your pull list. From Image Comics, written and illustrated by the massively talented Skottie Young, I Hate Fairyland #8 hit shelves today and knocked my socks off.


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After not knowing whether or not Gert was going to survive a gigantic explosion that ended the last issue, I was scared. However, that lady has proven to be one tough cookie in past issues, so the doubts didn't have much weight. Now, faced with a new task Larry, Gert, and their new dragon dressed buddy Duncan head to a fortune teller whose solution is a golden coin. A rather large golden coin I might add. One that throws the gang into a virtual reality type world that is all too real. The leader…Nicky Nines is a pretty cool cat.

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From there, Gert is tasked with having to fight her way to a magical code that will help her escape Fairyland. What follows is some of the most exciting panels I've seen in this comic to date! Skottie Young really knows how to grip your attention, not just with dialogue, but with his awesome art style. Overall I enjoyed this issue just as much as I've enjoyed the others. I've said this before, and I'll say it again, Young has been consistent with a great product. This comic is well balanced and hilarious. I can't say that about a lot of comics. There aren't too many that make me laugh out loud, but this one always does.

Now, it's no surprise that Gert knows how to throw a punch and has been known to defeat an entire army of monsters coming at her with no problem. However, I won't spoil how things end up in this issue. Instead, I'll urge you to grab a copy of this excellent comic and enjoy it for yourself. I Hate Fairyland #8 is in stores now.


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