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We chose Skottie Young's Ain't No Grave! Our reason for choosing this book is two fold, 1 We freaking love Skottie Young! 2 We wanted a book that best represented Nirvana Comics, a book that showcased pushing the boundaries of comics, trying something new and risky, and of course being so damn fun This book[...]
Skottie Young and Jorge Corona's Ain't No Grave from Image Comics in May
Skottie Young and Jorge Corona are following up their last collaborations, Middlewest and The Me You Love In The Dark for a brand new five-issue comic book series from Image Comics, Ain't No Grave, starting in May. Ain't No Grave is best described as a genre-bending, original macabre Western/Fantasy tale for mature readers—an Unforgiven-style journey through a Guillermo[...]
Michael Dialynas’ Zawa + The Belly Of The Beast Has Creators Buzzing
But the big surprise reveal came earlier today, when Boom unveiled that Skottie Young would be doing his second cover for the publisher on Zawa + The Belly Of The Beast #1 as a FOC Reveal variant and Local Comic Shop Day full foil variant Young's cover on Sirens Of The City #1 helped rocket[...]
Skottie Young’s I Hate Fairyland #5 Comes With Jack the Radio Song
The song will be used as a companion piece to Skottie Young's I Hate Fairyland issue #5 comic book published by Image Comics on the same day and drawn by Brett Bean The first page of the comic book includes a QR code to stream the song and calls for readers to scan before reading[...]
Artists Class Action Lawsuit Against Midjourney & Stable Diffusion AI
Jack Kirby, Siya Oum, Bryan K Vaughan, Klaus Janson, Chip Zdarsky, Will Eisner, Phil Jimenezm Mike Deodato, Matt Fraction, Bart Sears, Mike Mayhew, Tony Moore,  Aaron McGruder, Al Williamson, Albert Uderzio, Mobius, Alex Raymonf, Alex Rodd, Alex Toth, Angus McKie, Brian Bolland, Brian Stelfreeze, Bruce Timm, Charls Burns, Chris Ware, Daniel Clowes, Dave Gibbons, Dave[...]
Joe Madueira, Jenny Frison, & Artgerm Join I HATE FAIRYLAND
Skottie Young has relaunched his 2016 Image Comics series I Hate Fairyland on Substack for the last year, and ahead of next week's FOC for the print version (again from Image Comics) and he's brought in a few friends for some Final Order Cut-Off And on his Substack newsletter he has announced them to great[...]
Gerry Duggan to Launch Substack Comics Too, But First a Book of Photos
It's a globe-spanning experience that provides a peek behind the curtain in Hollywood, and behind the scenes in comic books." Photos include those of Patton Oswalt, Meredith Salinger, Matt Oswalt, Sarah Silverman, Brian Posehn, Bob Odenkirk, Weird Al Yankovic, Tom Lennon, Jon Hamm, Brian Michael Bendis, Jason Aaron, Rick Remender, Clint Eastwood, David Lynch, Martin[...]
Full Image Comics November 2022 Solicits & Solicitations
Image Comics has plenty of (already discussed) launches in November 2022, but their solicits and solicitations begin with I Hate Fairyland, as serialised on Substack from Skottie Young and Brett Bean. And the return of Skullkickers by Jim Zub, Edwin Huang and Misty Coats for their tenth anniversary and for Image Comics' 30th. SKULLKICKERS SUPER SPECIAL #1 STORY:[...]
Skottie Young Makes All Content Free On Substack
Skottie Young time! Bleeding Cool broke some news on the changing face of Nick Spencer and Substack Comics recently But James Tynion IV just dropped some more news about how planning to appeal to existing subscribers to stick around for Year Two For Year Two, Substack Pro creators will no longer get a six-figure advance[...]
Skottie Young Explains His Stupid Fresh Mess in Image Comics Anthology
Stupid Fresh Mess is a cartoon by Skottie Young that has been appearing in the recent Image Comics 30th Anniversary Anthology, the second issue of which came out last week On his Substack newsletter, he explained where it came from; Years ago, I was going to make a run at a strip based on my family[...]
Free Substack Comics Day - Grant Morrison, Brian K Vaughan & Tom King
This one is always free to read (and for mature spectators only). Everlasting Productions by Elsa Charretier and Tom King: Elsa and Tom make available the latest issue of their always-free new series, LOVE EVERLASTING. Glass Eye Studios by Khary Randolph and Joanne Starer: Khary and Joanne debut the first full issue of their always-free new series, SIRENS OF THE CITY. Tales From the[...]
Over 150,000 Orders For Skottie Young & Kyle Straham Twig #1 at Image
And according to sources inside Image Comics they've got a big ol' bundle of twigs! We're hearing reports from inside the publisher that orders at FOC (Final Order Cut-Off, the last date retailers can change their orders without penalty) for Skottie Young & Kyle Strahm's Twig #1 are already topping 150,000. Over 150,000 Orders For Skottie[...]
I Hate Fairyland
Brett Bean previously drew Skottie Young's Rocket Raccoon & Groot comic book at Marvel Comics And he is now the new artist on Skottie Young's I Hate Fairyland series, being published through Substack and Image Comics Previously announced as another Brett, Brett Parsons, Skottie Young posted to his newsletter, saying; Navigating the world in while we're[...]
Kyle Strahm Giving Away $200 Twig Previews On Instagram
The printed preview edition of Skottie Young and Kyle Strahm's new Substack/Image comic book Twig has been going for over $200 on eBay (though most sales are around $100) Comic stores got one copy each, but Strahm has been giving away copies on Instagram, with a couple left for the last two days of this[...]
Skottie Young & Kyle Strahm
Skottie Young and Kyle Strahm have a new Image Comics series for May, called Twig Announcing it on his Substack yesterday, Skottie Young stated "Get ready for the new comic mini-series TWIG created by me and artist Kyle Strahm, published by Image Comics and hitting shelves May 4th, 2022! I'll be having Kyle on the[...]
The Marriage Proposal On Skottie Young's Livecast Last Night
As part of his Substack Pro offering, comic book creator Skottie Young runs a LiveStream for subscribers, from his YouTube channel which often includes his regular viewers And late last night, that meant for a special moment indeed He writes; Last night's Live Stream will go down in the Stupid Fresh Mess history books for sure![...]
The Me You Love In The Dark #5 Review: Satisfying
This script from Skottie Young makes the horror and the oppressive surveillance of the functional antagonist all too tangible (especially in the panel before "very well") The art team of Jorge Corona, Jean-Francois Beaulieu, and Nate Piekos make managing emotions and a horrifying presence intimate and terrifying. Things had to go this way, and it's tragic[...]
Fábio Moon & Gabriel Bá Join Skottie Young’s I Hate Fairyland
The Umbrella Academy and Daytripper's co-creators Fábio Moon and Gabriel Bá are joining Skottie Young's I Hate Fairyland with a new mini-comic for Skottie Young Substack subscribers, today, for free You pay nothing And it may be the first of many creators invited to this world of cute destruction "I Hate Gert!" is a six-page[...]
The Me You Love In The Dark #4 Review: Turns Ugly
Feeling trapped and unsure of how much power her housemate has, her fear and discomfort only increase as the pages turn. Writer Skottie Young has struck gold with his tone and pacing here, reintroducing Ro's agent as a catalyst and managing the shift in this relationship so gradually it's almost imperceptible The rich graphic tableau laid[...]
The Me You Love In The Dark #3 Review: Focused and Intimate
Watching it develop is enthralling, and Skottie Young's script will not lessen the chokehold it has on your attention There's a patient, creeping sense of "oh, oh no" in the artwork presented by Jorge Corona, Jean-Francois Beaulieu, and Nate Piekos They present-focused and intimate moments with such delicacy, it makes the horror more intense. There are[...]
Marvel Comics December 2021 Solicits & Solicitations In Full, Early
Strange Academy is the comic book series by Skottie Young and Humberto Ramos that managed to make its way through a pandemic, and emerge the other side victorious Marvel's answer to Harry Potter, it took a bunch of new magical characters in the Marvel Universe, some legacy, some not, and gave them magical superheroes like Doctor[...]
The Me You Love In The Dark #2 Review: Engaging Elements
Now, she has to deal with the consequences of an unexpected, if wholly polite, presence in her space. Writer Skottie Young surely knows quite a bit about visual storytelling, so it's hard to tell where his script stops and the work of Jorge Corona, Jean-Francois Beaulieu, and Nate Piekos pick up The wide eye behind wire-framed[...]
Skottie Young's Giant Size Little Marvels Returns As Infinity Comic
Skottie Young time! As announced today, Marvel has unveiled a new, Marvel Unlimited app with a new Infinity Comics – or Mar-Vertical – lineup Comics told using the Webtoon format and exclusive to the app And that includes a bunch of new titles, such as Skottie Young and Dax Gordine's return of Giant-Size Little Marvels,[...]
Substack Comics Creators Criticised Over Site's Offensive Content
So far, Jonathan Hickman, James Tynion IV, Scott Snyder, Skottie Young, Molly Ostertag, Saladin Ahmed, and Chip Zdarsky have gone public, as well as engaging in a number of other monetising and merchandising opportunities It is clearly one of the biggest stories to hit the comic book industry this year in a year of big[...]
Skottie Young, The Latest Substack Comics Publisher
Skottie Young has updated his existing Substack subscribers to his latest publishing venture, joining the great and the good publishing comic books through the Substack subscription service, for $7 a month, $75 a year, or a $300 Boss Level which will include exclusive variant covers of his other work As he says "This is no[...]
Image Comics August 2021 Full Solicits and Solicitations
We have the Image Comics full solicits and solicitations for July 2021, with new comics from JH Williams III, Todd McFarlane, Erik Larsen, Skottie Young, Linda Sejic… but no, still no Saga. IMAGE COMICS SOLICITATIONS FOR AUGUST 2021 ECHOLANDS #1 WRITERS: J H WILLIAMS III & W HADEN BLACKMAN ARTISTS: J H WILLIAMS III & DAVE STEWART COVER A: J[...]
Marvel Ch-Ch-Changes
But one solution is to bring other artists in to help out with the workload, which is why Bleeding Cool likes to run Marvel Ch-Ch-Changes to keep up with such things. Deadpool Nerdy #30 #1 was solicited as written by Fabian Nicieza, Skottie Young, Kelly Thompson, Gerry Duggan, Brian Posehn, Daniel Way, and Joe Kelly –[...]
Middlewest and Dragman Win Big Angouleme Comics Prizes
The Official Selection List was published last year, but today all the main awards were presented, aside from the Grand Prix which will be awarded in the summer. Middlewest and Dragman Win Big Angouleme Comics Prizes And for work originally published in English, my own favourite Steven Appleby's Dragman won the Special Jury Prize, and Skottie Young[...]
Angouleme Grand Prix Results Announced Today, Live
We'll be cheering for Stephen Appleby's Dragman. Other translated-from-English titles of note include The Invisible Kingdom by G Willow Wilson and Christian Ward, Mauretania by Chris Reynolds, the Complete Parker by the late Darwyn Cooke, Middlewest by Skottie Young and Jorge Corona and Rusty Brown by Chris Ware. SÉLECTION OFFICIELLE – Aldobrando – Gipi & Critone (Casterman) – Anaïs Nin sur la[...]
Skottie Young's Tank Girl in Albatross Funnybooks Feb 2021 Solicits
Skottie Young comes to Eric Powell's Albatross Funnybooks for the cardstock cover of the final issue of their 'King Tank Girl series by Tank Girl co-creator Alan Martin and Brett Parson. Here's a look at their full Albatross Funnybooks February 2021 solicitations. KING TANK GIRL #5 (OF 5) CVR A PARSON ALBATROSS FUNNYBOOKS DEC201151 (W) Alan Martin (A/CA) Brett Parson The[...]