Escaping Everyday Life: Etienne Davodeau's Lulu Anew Reaches English Audiences This April

NBM Publishing will be releasing Etienne Davodeau's second English-translated book, entitled Lulu Anew. Davodeau is the author of The Initiates, and recent nominee for Angoulême's prestigious Grand Prix award. He has been publishing comics in France since 1992. Lulu Anew is already adapted into a film in France. The story focuses on a woman named Lulu who takes a break from life, and goes to the shore to get away from it all. After another unproductive job interview, the choice seems right. While her husband and kids are left bewildered, she knows it's not personal.

This is a story about her own journey escaping from the grind of everyday life, and how she savors it. However, when she meets people with similar feelings, her journey turns into a thrilling, fun, and possibly dangerous experience. Despite all of the events, one thing is for sure, this is a story that will make Lulu a different woman. I'm quite certain that this is a tale that can be related to by many people. It's easy to get caught up in the monotony of every day life, and sometimes the idea of escaping is too hard to resist. After looking over some of the art, I was instantly drawn to the mellow simplicity of it all. I can't wait to grab some time and escape with LuLu on her journey of self discovery in Lulu Anew which releases this April.

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