Even More Comic Book Creators React To Will Smith & Chris Rock

Yes, welcome to more Will Smith and Chris Rock at the Oscars. This morning, as I woke up, I posted an article listing comic book creators' and few other ne'er-do-wells' reactions to the events of the Oscars. In which Will Smith hit host Chris Rock across the face, on stage, after Chris made a pretty poor joke about Jada Pinkett-Smith's hair. What seemed to be initially taken in good humour, then saw Smith stride from the front of the audience across the stage, hit/slap Rock, and sit back down before shouting "keep my wife's name out of your f-cking mouth" twice. He apologized when receiving the Best Actor Award, but later in the night was more appreciative of the applause he got for the incident. And it seems to be the only thing anyone is talking about. So, in that spirit, let;s do it again. Comic Industry reaction to Will Smith and Chris Rock at the Oscars, Part Two… and it starts with a banger from X-Men artist Valerio Schiti.

Even More Comic Book Creators React To Will Smith & Chris Rock
Will Smith is The Slapper by Rich Johnston

Valerio Schiti: Everything was so weird and not cool… Great photo reference for slaps though.

Tom Brennan: "How am I going to explain this to my kids?" You'll probably have to start by telling them who Will Smith and Chris Rock are. We're old, people. The kids don't care.

Donnell Suggs: I'm not sure folks understand how bad we look after last night. What's even sadder is I don't think a lot of y'all even care.

Jonathan Glapion: Plantation mentality! WE my ass!

Ramon Villalobos: I fear Chris Rock is going to make a zine about getting slapped. All cowards make zines…

Jamal Igle: It's open season on Ricky Gervais. Good hunting!

Alejandro A. Arbona: Let's be thankful that Chris Rock's joke wasn't even good at all or we'd have to endure a whole added layer of Discourse from comedy blowhards

Duncan Jones: Will Smith and Chris Rock were paid by Russian oligarchs, under instruction from MI5, to distract the British public from remembering they were upset with Boris Johnson breaking Covid protocol, before the Ukrainian war, which was cover for Rishi Sunak's petrol filling blunder.

Charlie Olsen: My West Philly Lyft driver this morning thinks Will Smith should've punched Chris Rock, not slapped him. He also thinks Will Smith should punch Harvey Weinstein.

Jimmy Palmiotti: My opinion is both guys were out of line. It was a sh-tty joke at her expense. As well, nobody should resort to physical violence, especially on the worlds stage. That is called assault. Everyone looked bad on this one. Everyone.

Charlie McFarland: This Will Smith thing really shows how dumb American Television is. Show the slap, censor the language. Then everyone just goes to the Internet to see what actually happened via other countries.

Liam McGuire: finally catching up with oscar nonsense. chris rock's joke crossed a line, but will smith acting like a complete manchild was a stark overreaction. you can't just hit someone.

Tee Franklin: If you follow me and have an issue/disappointed in me for saying Chris got what he deserved, unfollow me. But what we not gonna do is tell Black disabled women how they should feel/react… Unless I'm being paid to write an article about this I ain't giving this too much more of my time, it ain't changing your ableist minds & I got paid writing to do. Wasting my time arguing with ableists ain't my idea of wasting time and I have ADHD with phases of

Rob Liefeld: Will/Chris is nuts. Not a tragedy.

Cheryl Lynn Eaton: In what alternate universe did Will Smith hulk out and "beat the ****" out of Chris Rock? Y'all must think melanin works like gamma rays.

Matt Timson: So, the slap was staged? To what end? Publicity? When you're about to walk away with an Oscar? Presumably, that would mean the swears were staged as well? Doesn't seem very likely to me. I think I'll be going full Occam's Razor for this one…

Chris Weston: It was performative, but it wasn't planned.

Matt Timson: Yeah. I could *just about* believe they'd fake the slap (although God only knows why) – but not the bad language that went with it. You can walk the former back as being a stunt – but not the latter. People are weird…

John Reppion: If its not staged to get us all talking about the Oscars (which I kind of think it is), then it's actually fine anyway because he just slapped someone for talking sh-t at him, and thats not actually the end of the world. Surely?

Matt Timson: I'm not fussed either way, really – it just seems like an odd thing to stage. Oddly, the bad language seems worse than the bitch-slapping!

Chris Weston:  Yeah, I don't think Matt and I have said anything to suggest we think it's "the end of the world", John.

Connor Tierney: If I was Will Smith I'd have ran on stage and just screamed like Goku as hard as I could and point at Chris Rock as I did.

Natalie Reed: The thing that pisses me off was Chris Rock going "it was a GI Jane joke!", as though Will Smith slapped him just for making fun of a forgettable old 90s movie. The f-ck it was a GI Jane joke. It was an alopecia joke. At least own what you were doing, Chris!

Richard Pace: Looking forward to seeing Travolta star in GI Jane II. . . . . .too soon?

Kerrie Smith: Chris Rock saying "that was a nice one" after making an ableist joke, I would have smacked him too. Imagine defending someone who just made fun of a disabled black woman, humiliating her in front of a room of her peers. Imagine hating on her partner who has been with her through all of the tears and frustration and shattering loss of confidence. The world tries every day to strip dignity from disabled people and black people. Maybe don't laugh along when that happens in a room your in. Maybe don't broadcast it for the world to see. Maybe slap them in the mouth.

Anthea West: That slap was justified! I wanna see more people openly defending their partners and fewer ableist assholes getting paid to make horrible jokes.

Derf Backderf: The slap! Sh-t, shouldn't have bailed on the Oscars after all! Oh well, I can watch it 50 times on a video loop here.

Jamie Smart: Urgh that slap was problematic in all different ways wasn't it. Like can you say violence is never the answer while equally saying maybe our culture shouldn't make jokes about people's afflictions. That it's toxic to step up like that, but also we would all defend people we love. It's a crappy situation, I'm not defending anyone, I just have conflicting thoughts about it all. Also that I don't know what anyone involved has been through. So why am I even commenting on Twitter. Another mystery.

David Heslop: He shouldn't have said it and he shouldn't have done it. I could very much indeed l imagine the words hurt more than the slap, but maybe the slap is the bigger deal. Yeah, it's all kinda crappy whichever way you look at it

Jules Rivera: Watching bougie white people who are so conditioned to "be nice" and not "get violent" try to parse the Slap is something else. Look, this is how the rest of us solve conflicts. We can't all call the cops on each other.

Ram Z: The Roy Batty speech from Bladerunner but it's Beyoncé talking about things she's seen at public events: kanye & swift, fergie singing the national anthem, the slap etc

Mark Brooks: All minor disagreements will now be settled via slap-fight.

G Willow Wilson: I don't understand how people can watch the steady decline of social, political and economic stability over the last x years and yet decide that one televised slap is the end of civilization. There was for real an attempted coup like a year ago. I expected the furor to have died down when I woke up this morning, but instead I am seeing hot takes the likes of which I haven't seen since Episode VII

Donny Solvo: If the Rock made that joke instead of Chris Rock I bet Will Smith stays seated and keeps his mouth shut

Pete Woods: There's a whole lot of "if you don't care about this thing I care about exactly as much as me you're a bad person" out there this morning and frankly it's tedious.

Mitch Gerads: Woke up to one Tweeter calling me a racist, another an ableist, and another saying I condone pedophelia…for tweeting that I miss decorum.

Pete Woods: Looking at Smith's face after that. There's so much emotional pain behind what he did. That's why I say it was unhealthy. I don't condone what he did but I get it and I honestly can't say I wouldn't have done the same. But that's because I'm not exactly emotionally healthy either. He needs to do a lot of work and he's in an environment where not only can he not get the help, the people around him are doing more harm.

Veronica Jane: Twitter: All rich people should be sent to the guillotine Also Twitter: Hang on, did one millionaire just slap another millionaire? Call the police, this is the worst crime imaginable!

Lebau Underwood: I'm in between on this one: On one hand, I get defending your wife's honor as a husband: never allow ANYONE to disrespect your lady. On the other? Will seems to be a bit hypocritical. Telling CR to keep his wife's name out of his mouth, but it's cool that they put their personal business out in the open, AND he allowed their son's FRIEND to smash that same wife in their HOUSE and still chose to be with her afterwards?? Hollyweird, indeed.

Regan Clem: A celebrity MMA event would get more ratings and talk than the Oscars. They could hand out awards between matches. If anything, that is what I learned last night.

Gary Erskine: The uncensored profanity afterwards [that was cut from the live broadcast] Is not scripted. The BHS footage posted online showing Denzel Washington, Tyler Perry and others confronting and comforting Will Smith during the commercial break assure me it was NOT staged.

Sam Thielman: how would you feel about all this if will smith was a white man, and chris rock was a robot, and instead of the oscars it was the Tysons Corner Applebee's, and everyone was wearing roller skates for some reason?

Kevin Colden: One of the wealthiest, most powerful men in an industry publicly assaulting a less powerful person in front of millions of people at an industry awards show, then being awarded one of the top awards without even a hint of an apology, is absolute peak 2022. Any talk of the appropriateness of the joke that provoked the attack is unfortunately irrelevant, due to the response being far less appropriate.

Simon Fraser: Smith has very few peers. To demonstrate that he hit a man on live television then got applauded shortly afterwards. The only other person with that kind of privilege is Donald Trump… The ONLY case where Smith could be justified in hitting Rock would be if Rock had hit Pinkett. It was a crap joke, but they are all enormously privileged public figures who make a lot of money talking about themselves , their families and their problems.

Ryan Higgins: I wonder if the SnyderCut fans have started to theorize that the slap was an intentional way to minimize their big Oscar win.

Ned Hartley: It is quite amazing that not a single person has written one good take about that Oscars moment.

And there are so many, Ned. But for now, that's your lot…

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