The Fake Jack Kirby Art That Sold For Over $2500 On eBay?


This artwork purports to be a 1978 original piece of art by Jack Kirby featuring Captain America, Bucky and the Red Skull. It was recently sold on eBay for over $2500.


However, all may not be as it seems, according to comic writer/artist and archival expert Terry Beatty. He wrote,

For easy viewing, here's the side by side comparison of original (left) and phony (right). Red circles on the fake indicate differences from the original.


The seller did not respond to inquiries made over the last few days. And the buyer of the piece is unknown.

This seems to be a growing issue as original artwork becomes more desirable, comic book creators pass away and the ability to create copies increases.

Have you been stung? Do you know someone who has? Please get in touch.


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