Fanboy Rampage: Remember When You Try to Faux Shame Rob Liefeld, He Drew Cap T**s

Superstar artist and the Kanye West of Comics Rob Liefeld has taken to Twitter with a message for all his haters:

How did we come to this?

Liefeld's tweet came in the midst of a feud with a rabid group of teenagers that kicked off when Liefeld responded to a tweet accusing him of being unable to handle criticism.

This resulted in what can only possibly be called generational warfare.

Liefeld continued to hold his own, alone against a throng of youthful haters.

He then retweeted a message from a few days earlier, reminding these kids that he's so Rob Liefeld, even former President Obama knows it.

Before returning to the battle.

Prompting more responses.

And then the money shot.

Boom. Though the argument didn't end there.

Mostly, Rob seems amused that the youth are trying to take him on.

But Liefeld gets the last laugh on these whippersnappers, as he has former teen idol Freddie Prinze Jr. on his side.

And how do you counter that?

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Stay in school, kids.

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