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Fast Food Industry Doesn't Understand Why Comic Book Website Keeps Writing Articles About It

In a story we swear we are not making up, popular comic book website sparked confusion in the fast-food industry when international restaurant chain Wendy's noticed that the website has been writing articles about fast-food.'s obsessive coverage of the fast-food industry has been going on for months, but the website truly hit its stride in the wake of last year's Chicken Sandwich Wars surrounding the elusive menu item from fried chicken chain Popeyes. However, it was an article about burgers, not chicken, which captured the attention of Wendy's.

But not just any burgers. The king of burgers. published an article Tuesday reporting that Burger King was testing a sandwich consisting of only french fries on a bun.

The french fry sandwich piece was just the latest in an ongoing investigative exploration of meatless sandwich options industry-wide, but Wendy's used the article as an opportunity to attack the rival brand.

However, with the brand distracted by insulting its competitor, it took a follower to ask the obvious question:

To which Wendy's was forced to admit:

To find out why, a website ostensibly dedicated to comic books, at least according to its domain name, has been writing so many articles about burgers, french fries, and chicken sandwiches lately, we asked a world-renowned expert in the field of media psychology and a professor at the prestigious University of Phoenix, Professor Thaddeus T. Puffinbottoms, what's behavior could tell us about forward-looking trends in journalism and what conclusions we should draw about the effects of media consumption in a fast-paced and globally-connected social media environment.

"They're doing it for clicks," Professor Puffinbottoms explained.

Wait, that's it?

"Yes," said Puffinbottoms.

In the forty-eight hours before press time, had also published an in-depth examination of the various flavors of Peeps candy set to hit stores for the Easter season, a rumor about an upcoming announcement of a collaboration between Oreo cookies and clothing brand Supreme, a soothing reassurance that Red Lobster has no plans to discontinue their Cheddar Bay biscuits, news of a team-up between KFC and Pizza Hut to produce pizza topped with popcorn chicken, and a shocking report on the arrival of Pink Magic Fruity Pebbles just in time for National Cereal Day.

Restaurant Chain Doesn't Understand Why Comic Book Website Keeps Writing Articles About Fast-Food
James Viscardi in his office at's Kentuckessee headquarters

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