Frank Quitely, The Documentary Airs Tomorrow Night On The BBC. Trailer And Screencaps…

"Ideally you want to be a couple of months ahead on a project. But I rarely am." – Frank Quitely.

BBC Scotland have made a documentary about Frank Quitely, part of their What Do Artists Do All Day, airing tomorrow.

It looks at Quitely's worklife, his studio and his process, specifically focusing on Jupiter's Legacy, We3 and All Star Superman.

And, warning, it has some spoilers for the issue of Jupiter's Legacy out on Wednesday. Indeed, we see some of the pages of the script of the upcoming issue being created, as Frank, through the day, draws one page of the comic, his day narrated by himself.

(UPDATE: A few such images below removed at producers' request)

It looks at his influence, talking about the work of Dudley D Watkins and Katshuhiro Otomo, his art schooling. his approach to drawing figures and the artists he shares a studio with. Why Batman does better than Superman at different economic stages. What happens when an artist falls out of favour. And how the zombie from his Walking Dead cover was based on a primary school teacher of his.

We see sketches, we see the work as it is created and we see one man's life. Quite frankly, it's wonderful.

It airs tomorrow on BBC Two Scotland at 10pm. Those in the UK not living in Scotland can see it on BBC Four in the near future, or find BBC Two Scotland on Sky channel 970 or Freeview channel 97. It will also be available nationally on the BBC iPlayer afterwards. And for everyone else? I'm sure you have your methods.

Here's a clip and some screencaps.

IMG_1344 IMG_1343 IMG_1342  IMG_1332 IMG_1350 IMG_1339IMG_1370 IMG_1349 IMG_1348 IMG_1346 IMG_1345 IMG_1355 IMG_1354 IMG_1362 IMG_1361 IMG_1360 IMG_1367 IMG_1375 IMG_1374 IMG_1373 IMG_1372  IMG_1379

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