Frank Spotnitz To Write X-Files Comic (As Well As Dave Sim, Despite Never Having Seen The Show)

The Nerdy Show has just posted an interview with X-Files creator Chris Carter, Joe Harris, and X-Files comic book Season 10's editor Denton Tipton. It's the first joint interview they've done regarding the comic.


In it, Denton reveals that there's an Annual coming out in April written by X-Files writer/ producer Frank Spotnitz and Ten Thirteen's Gabe Rotter which will also feature a backup comic book story by Dave Sim, which should be fun since Dave has never watched the show. This may also be Dave Sim's first work for hire comic book in quite some time.

The truth is being hidden by the Marxist-homosexualist-feminist axis, remember. Here's his rather splendid cover for the Lone Gunmen>, lovingly swipd from the box set.


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