"Will Everyone Else Survive Ernie's New Job Responsibilities?" – Tim Seeley Talks Evil Ernie

With the success of the Chaos miniseries and the upcoming Evil Ernie #1 from Dynamite, now seemed like a good time to catch up with the man who lead the relaunch, Tim Seeley. Byron Brewer chatted with the Evil Ernie series writer about what he has in store for the demonic fiend.

ErnieVol2-01-Cov-SeeleyBYRON BREWER: Tim, many look upon you as the main architect of this Chaos! Universe revival since you wrote the initial limited series? Do you feel that responsibility?

TS: Yeah, somewhat! But, I also know I have a lot of work from the original material, and I have a bunch of great people to help me out, as well as a host of great writers and artist running with what we set up. Did you read PURGATORI 1? It was awesome.

BB: Of all the Chaos properties, why did you chose to tackle Evil Ernie next after the Chaos LS came to a close?

TS: Ernie was my first. He was my first Chaos! character, and he was my first horror comic really.  And you just never forget your first. Plus, my brother Steve had a great idea for an ongoing Ernie series, so I didn't have to do as much work!

EvilErnieV2-01-10_color_mikeBB: We are just to issue #2 so tell us about the Ernie in your book. How is he different from the Evil Ernie other readers may be used to from past tales?

TS: Well, hopefully he ISN'T too different as a character. The main adjustment we've made is to change his mission form one of MEGADEATH and killing the entire world, to having to fight against Mistress Hel's followers at the behest of Lucifur. So, though Ernie is still doing some terrible stuff, he's actually sort of the hero of the tale…

BB: Will we see any Chaos U. guest stars in Evil Ernie?

TS: YES! A lot of them actually! Mistress Hel, Pagan, the Hells Belles, Mary Young and Lucifur all show up right away!

EvilErnieV2-01-11_color_mikeBB: Servant of Lucifer?? How will Ernie survive these job responsibilities?

TS:  Ha, well that undead thing will certainly help. And he's got Smiley at his side. I think the qiestion will be; "Will everyone ELSE survive Ernie new job responsibilities?"

BB: What is Mary Price's place in this upcoming arcane war?

TS: Mary Young is tagging along to minimize casualties, and to act as a counter-Smiley…the angel on his shoulder rather than the devil. But she's also got her own agenda. She wants to understand what made her brother what he is, while also trying to find a way to save him for his own purgatory!

BB: So how is it working with your little brother Steve?

TS: It's always easier when ya keep it in the gene pool. Plus, Steve knows exactly what I mean when I reference weird shit like "remember that one slasher movie we saw when we were kids?"

EvilErnieV2-01-15_color_mikeBB: Why is artist Rafael Lanhellas right for a book like Ernie?

TS: Y'know at first, I wasn't sure he WAS. But then we got the first issue, and I got to see how well he draws gore and mayhem, I was made a believer. So far, Rafael has mangled to make what we describe creepier and gorier, which isn't easy to do!

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