Gail Simone Back At Marvel. For Deadpool.

gail_simone_576This New Year means lots of changes doesn't it?

After gaining prominence on the Usenet messageboard rec.arts.comics.misc and then CBR back in the late nineties, Gail Simone was recruited to write Simpsons comics by Bongo, and then picked to write for Marvel. There she wrote books like Deadpool and Agent X before she left for DC Comics, where she kind of… stayed. Writing books like Birds Of Prey and Suicide Squad, she relaunched the Batgirl comic for the New 52, controversially Barbara Gordon out of the wheelchair, as well as Firestorm, and starting The Movement. Along the way, she also gave us the creator owned Welcome To Tranquility, Gen 13, Rose And Thorn, Action Comics, Atom and more.

But recently she reached out of DC Comics to launch a new female-creator-focussed Red Sonja comic for Dynamite.

And now, it seems, she is back working for Marvel. She writes,

Am I Excited?

To be writing my first Marvel story in TEN YEARS?
Yes, I am!

There's no sign that she won't continue to write for DC, indeed a number of folk such as Charles Soule, Matt Kindt and more seem happier traversing the publishers simultaneously these days.

Is there any possibility she could be writing Punisher?

UPDATE: Thanks folks, it's Deadpool. Just for the Wedding Issue 27. For now…

The ceremony will be followed by a reception unlike any other – as 'pool writers of yesteryear return for new stories featuring the garish groom-to-be. Including Fabian Nicieza, Mark Waid, Joe Kelly, Christopher Priest, Jimmy Palmiotti, Frank Tieri, Gail Simone, Daniel Way & Victor Gischler.

Which also means new Marvel work for Joe Kelly and Priest along the way!




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