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Gen:Lock #6 - A Pulped DC Comic That Escped To The UK?
Yesterday, Bleeding Cool ran an article about three comic books that DC Comics and Marvel had pulped rather than publish, as pandemic hit back in the first half of 2020 Which also led a couple of people to tell me about Gen:Lock #6 Part of a seven-issue mini-series, based off the web series of the[...]
3 Marvel/DC Comics From 2020 That Were Pulped But Never Sold
There are plenty of pulped comic books over the years, for one reason or another An anti-Semitic slur here, a rude word there, the wrong UPC box here, a reference to "Marvel douches" there, it's become a rare but expected part of the comic book industry, with people collecting copies that make it out, sometimes[...]
Comic Shops Asked to Destroy Gideon Falls Vol 4 TPB Over Misprint
As a result, Image Comics has instructed retailers to destroy all copies of the collection and wait for replacement copies to arrive. Has that ever happened? Will this letterless Gideon Falls suddenly become a surprise pulped misprint collectable? Or might readers do a Jude Terror Improbably Previews special and start lettering the comic book pages themselves?[...]
s-l1600 (8)
This really may be the rarest comic of all time, my guess is that there are less than 10 in existence. We have known about other pulped copies of this series, notably League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen #5 that featured a genuine Victorian advertisement for a 'Marvel Douche' But this is the first we have ever been[...]
The Poo Joke That Was Too Much For Adventure Time #11
  Adventure Time #11 from Boom was pulped and reprinted, ostensibly down to a Bravest Warriors ad that was a little too much for the licensors From copies that did escape into the wild, there didn't seem to be much to fuss over It was missing from the reprinted version though. But there was one much bigger[...]
The Very Rare First Appearance Of Tim Seeley's Revival
The first print was pulped then reprinted with a very different cover. Here's what was widely distributed. And here is the original cover with a Grant Morrison/Darick Robertson teaser for Happy on the back That's probably the easiest way to tell what's what But what caused the reprint? Well, the indicia are different… here's the pulped version, with[...]